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Ukraine Calls For River Transport Development

Ukraine calls for river transport development

In 2020 we plan to unlock the potential of river transportation and unload the roads as much as possible, Vladislav Krykliy – February 11, 2020 “In 2020, we plan to unlock the potential of river transportation and maximize the unloading of roads”. This was stated by the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Vladislav Krykliy, during the Strategic Meeting “Ukraine: Security, Construction, Financing”, dedicated to Ukraine’s roads.
The meeting was chaired by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky today, February 11, 2020, in Kiev. The meeting was attended by: Prime Minister Oleksiy Goncharuk, Minister of Finance of Ukraine Oksana Markarova, Head of the State Highway Agency of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubakov, Head of the State Tax Service Serhiy Verlanov, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, DABI, Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine Ukraine, heads of regional state administrations and services of highways of Ukraine, business representatives. “Roads 2020 – build and protect. This is the motto of the road industry this year. We want to connect Ukrainians with quality and safe roads. Record-breaking road construction funding in 2020 will help restore a record number of kilometers. But we must not only build and repair, but also protect the roads. Then we will spend the cost of the payers to create new infrastructure, not endless patching of the old one. We start unloading roads. In 2020, we plan to unlock the potential of river transportation and unload the roads as much as possible”, said Vladislav Krykliy. The head of the Ministry said that 1 million tons of cargo carried by the river reduces the cost of repairing roads by UAH 1 billion over four years. “In 2019, river transport increased by 20%. This year we plan to improve our river transport performance in 2019. In this we will be supported by the support of the People’s Deputies and the adoption of the law on inland waterways. We are also repairing the floodgates of the Dnieper Cascade, which will allow us to refocus an additional 3 million tons of export cargo on the river, and implement the E-40 project, which allows to attract 5-7 million tons of transit cargo. At the same time, we are increasing the cargo flow at Ukrzaliznytsya. This year, we are upgrading the infrastructure of the port railway stations, which will allow the transport of goods by rail to be exported by 46 million tons, which means that the roads will be 46 million tons less”.  The Minister of Infrastructure stressed that effective oversight control will become a reliable safeguard against the destruction of road infrastructure by congested vehicles: “Automatic weighing control in 2020 will become fully operational. The first six complexes are already in test mode. In 2020 we carry out certification of pilot WiM complexes. 25 WiMs will be installed on national roads, mainly on bridges across the Dnieper and near ports. We are planning to test the work of the Data Processing Center and the introduction of the information exchange Ukrtransecurity – the Ministry of Internal Affairs”. The head of the Ministry also noted that the restart of Ukrtrans Security, which includes updating of the state of inspectors, video recording of their actions and involvement of representatives of regions and the public, will help to preserve the roads. Vladislav Krykliy emphasized that restoring the roads and protecting them from destruction, the Ministry is taking a set of measures to improve the safety of people. According to him, in 2020, 1.5 billion UAH of expenses from the Road Fund are foreseen for construction of security infrastructure. It will allow to construct and equip 35 roundabout junctions, 20 multi-level pedestrian crossings, 500 pedestrian crossings in the areas with the highest traffic accident concentration, autonomous illumination of 500 pedestrian crossings, as well as eliminate 16 traffic accident places and set on-demand traffic lights pedestrian objects, road signs with lights and signal lamps. “We are not just building, we are introducing new standards for the construction of pedestrian crossings, junctions and other facilities. We have already included the Zigzag pedestrian crossings in the DBN, and now we need to put them into practice. Standardization procedures are currently underway for raised pedestrian crossings and may be refurbished in the near future. These are modern solutions that need to be implemented and we look forward to your help. Our strategic goal is to reduce road accidents by 30 percent, ”the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine said. “New roads must become safe. To reduce the accident, we are developing an information system for monitoring road safety and implementing automatic fixing of traffic violations. In test mode, the system will start operating in March 2020. An automated data center has already been purchased. software, 30 complexes of automatic fixing of violations. 250 complexes of automatic fixing of violations during 2020 will be installed on roads of national importance. We also involve cities in placing auto-fixation on urban roads. We have one common goal – to save lives. And only together will we be able to achieve it, ”Vladislav Krikliy emphasized. Source: Government of Ukraine

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