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Vado Gateway Terminal Receives Three STS Cranes

Vado Gateway terminal receives three STS cranes

Vado Gateway Terminal Receives Three STS CranesSource: PortSEurope

Vado Ligure, Italy (PortSEurope) June 14, 2019 – APM Terminals’ Vado Gateway container terminal has received three ship-to-shore quay cranes produced by Chinese company ZPMC.

Due to the size of the cranes, landing operations will take between two and three weeks and will be followed by a test phase that will last several months.

The three STS have a capacity of 65 tonnes in “twin lift” configuration and 100 tonnes in “under hook” configuration. 

The “Vado gateway”, the container terminal of APM Terminals, will open on 12 December 2019, said Paolo Cornetto, managing director of APM Terminals Vado Ligure.

APM Terminals has a 50.1% share and will operate both the Reefer Terminal and the APM Terminals Vado container terminal, COSCO Shipping Ports a 40% stake and Qingdao Port International Development Co Limited a 9.9% stake.

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