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Valencia Port’s Stowage Company President To Resign

Valencia port’s stowage company president to resign

Valencia Port’s Stowage Company President To ResignSource: Valenciaport

Valencia, Spain (PortSEurope) June 18, 2018 – Román Ceballos, a former senior official of the Economy Council of Valencia’s regional government, has announced plans to resign from the position of president of Valencia port’s stowage company Sevasa (Sociedad de Estiba y Desestiba del Puerto de Valencia) in the coming months.

He will be replaced by Galician economist Daniel Llera, who has been director of the stevedoring company of the port of La Coruña, Sestico. Formerly responsible for the work area of the consultancy KPMG in the Valencia region, former labour sector manager at KPMG, assumed executive control of the stowage company of Valencia port in 2015.

Source: El Mercantil Valenciano

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