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Valenciaport Bets In Its 2020-2024 Business Plan For The Railway, The Environment And Accessibility

Valenciaport bets in its 2020-2024 Business Plan for the railway, the environment and accessibility

Source: Valenciaport
The Plan of the Port Authority of Valencia (APV), agreed with Puertos del Estado, represents an investment of more than €552 million in new projects to which €270 million are added for works already started – December 18, 2020 In the Port of València, the railway accessibility works of €53 million, the electrical substation with €10 million and the actions for the North Expansion with
€400 million of public investment stand out. The works at the Serpis II dock in Gandia have been allocate €14.5 million, while in the Port of Sagunto the internal railway network stands out with €9 million or the works in the Centro Dock 2 with €7.5 million. The connection of the Sagunto-València Corridor by road and rail networks has a budget of €50 million. The investments of the Business Plan are intended to favour the activity of the port community and the business fabric, and promote sustainability and the goal of Valenciaport 2030, zero emissions. Autoridad Portuaria de València (APV – Valenciaport, Port Authority of Valencia) has approved at the meeting of the Board of Directors the 2020-2024 Business Plan whose main investment axes are the commitment to the railway, the development of sustainable environmental infrastructures and connectivity to improve the activity of the port community and the competitiveness of the business fabric in its area of ​​influence. The Plan, which has the approval of Puertos del Estado, includes investment for 2020-2024 worth €822 million, of which €552 million correspond to new projects and €270 million to actions already started and which will be completed in the coming years. Thus, the president of PAV, Aurelio Martínez has presented to the members of the Board of Directors the main projects that Valènciaport has planned for the coming years in the ports of València, Sagunto and Gandia to “make them more competitive, efficient, innovative and intelligent under the common umbrella of the port community of being a benchmark in the environment, decarbonisation and sustainability, promoting the city-port relationship and generating sustained and qualified employment”. In this sense, the Business Plan includes actions to promote green energy and the reduction of energy expenditure within the framework of Valenciaport 2030, zero emissions. Thus, €3.2 million will be invested in energy efficiency programs and consumption control systems, while in the generation of alternative energy, €15 million are planned for wind and €2.8 million for photovoltaic systems. APV has highlighted that these actions “are strategic to consolidate Valènciaport as a reference port hub in the Mediterranean, where large ships from any corner of the world can operate and respond to the needs of the industries that use our facilities. as a gateway for your goods. Key to this are projects such as the new North Terminal, the improvement of rail accessibility, the creation of electrical substations in Sagunto and València or the creation of new berths or surfaces ”. Strengthen the capacity and services of the Port of València The main investments planned for the Port of València include the remodeling of the road and rail network between the Poniente and Costa Docks, with an amount exceeding €45 million, or the reform and adaptation of the terminal of the Príncipe Felipe pier to the international gauge with more than €8.2 million. In this area, €40 million are allocated to reinforce the road and train link of the Sagunto-València corridor. It also highlights the construction of the electrical substation with an investment of €10 million that will enable the activation of various energy plans, such as connecting ships to the electricity grid, which will allow Valenciaport to achieve the 2030 zero emissions objective. The Plan approved by Puertos del Estado also includes €400 million of public investment for the execution of the works of the new container terminal of the northern expansion of the Port of València. An infrastructure that combines the growth of economic activity and the generation of qualified employment with sustainability, since it will be the most eco-efficient terminal with a clear commitment to electrification, renewable energies and rail access, on the line established by the 2020-2024 Business Plan. In this sense, the necessary actions to undertake the new Public Passenger Terminal are framed, with projects for the reorganization of the roads or the adaptation of the old Union Naval shipyard for the docking of cruise ships, with €9 and €12 million respectively. Sagunto, new surfaces and railway connection Regarding the Port of Sagunto, the Business Plan includes works for the Central Dock 2 for a value of €7.5 million, the management of the north area and adaptation of the jetty with €6 million, the works for the North Dock with €12 million or the start-up of an electrical substation that will have a 5 million investment. In terms of rail and road connections, the Plan contemplates the new southern access with a planned investment of €10 million, or the internal railway network with €9 million in line with the execution of the new rail access to the Port of Sagunto. Improve the benefits and services of Gandia In the Port of Gandia, the works on the Serpis II dock stand out, with a budget of €14.5 million, which will strengthen the facilities to accommodate more modern and higher-powered cranes with loads of up to 40 tons, which it will make it possible to expand its benefits and agility. Other investments aimed at improving the Serpis 1 Pier or the reorganization of the old access are also included. ANNEX 1. VALÈNCIA Valencia, consolidate as a strategic hub Thus, among the main investments planned for the Port of València included in the 2020-2024 Business Plan are: Works of the Master Plan of the Port of ValenciaNew container terminal in the North Expansion of the Port of Valencia:“Dredging new Dock and Entrance Channel”: 107 million euros from 2022.“North Terminal”: 290 million euros for the period 2021/2026, which includes the execution of the works of the pier, filling and consolidation.Generation and conditioning of new berths and surfaces“Conditioning of the South Pier (Phase I)”: 24 million euros.“Adaptation of berths for old shipyard cruise ships”: 12 million euros.Rail accessibility“Remodeling of the road and rail network between the Poniente Pier and the Costa Pier”: 45.4 million euros.“Remodeling of the Príncipe Felipe Pier railway terminal. Adaptation to the UIC gauge ”: 8.2 million euros.Sagunto Corridor – Valencia“Road and rail networks. Access to the North Terminal and North Access ”: 40 million euros.Road accessibility“Road reorganization of passenger area access”: 9 million euros.Rest of actions“Electrical Substation and Connection / electrical interconnection”: 10 million euros.“Building inspection services”: 8.3 million euros ANNEX 2. SAGUNTO Sagunto, new surfaces and railway connection In the Port of Sagunto, the main investments are aimed at improving rail connectivity and expanding surfaces. “Muelle Centro 2”: 7.5 million euros, linked to the granting of a concession.“Service area grading. Phase II ”: 4.9 million euros.“North Dike”: 12 million euros from 2024.“Electrical substation / electrical interconnection”: 5 million euros.“Inland Railway Network”: 9 million euros, accompanied by the execution of the new railway access to the port of Sagunto“Sagunto Valencia Corridor. New South Access Port of Sagunto ”: 10 million euros.“North zone planning and pontoon adaptation”: 6 million euros. ANNEX 3. GANDIA Improve the benefits and services of Gandia In the Port of Gandia, the facilities will be reinforced to accommodate more modern and higher-powered cranes with loads of up to 40 tons, which will make it possible to expand its performance and agility. “Enclosure and berth Muelle Serpis 2”: 14.5 million euros. They are expected to start in 2022.“Office and services building”: for the Port Authority and Customs Services. 1.5 million euros.“Old access reorganization”: 1.45 million euros.“South zone perimeter fence”: 1 million euros.Installation of “Fire Extinguishing in Sheds”: 1.8 million euros.“Reinforcement of the Serpis 1 Pier”: 2 million euros. ANNEX 4. VALENCIAPORT Sustainability and accessibility, fundamental axes The 2020-2024 Business Plan includes cross-cutting investments that improve the competitiveness of the port community and the Valenciaport hinterland. In addition, the PAV’s commitment to the 2030 zero emissions objective is also reflected in some outstanding projects. Actions on environmental sustainability and energy“Energy efficiency and consumption control systems”: 3.2 million euros.“Alternative energy generation: Photovoltaic”: 2.8 million euros.“Alternative energy generation: Wind”: 15 millionOther actions in terms of road / rail accessibility outside the service area , with financing from the Port Land Accessibility Financial Fund:“Improvements on the Sagunto – Teruel – Zaragoza line (750 m byways)”: 20.6 million euros.“Improvements in the Sagunto – Teruel – Zaragoza line (pending definition)”: 33 million euros.“Rail access to the Port of Sagunto”: 20 million euros.“Beach of roads in Sagunto railway access”: 3 million euros.“Fuente de San Luis Terminal Development”: 15 million eurosOther additions to fixed assets (consequence of demand changes * of previous investments)“Development Terminal Fuente de San Luis”, scheduled between 2021 and 2023: 22.73 million euros“Rail access to the port of Sagunto”, expected in 2022: 31.5 million euros (20 million APV and 11.5 million other sources)“Beach of roads in Sagunto railway access” expected in 2022: 3 million euros.

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