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Valenciaport Has Invested Over €360 Million To Consolidate The Port Of Sagunto

Valenciaport has invested over €360 million to consolidate the port of Sagunto

Source: Valenciaport
Until 2019, the investments of the Port Authority of Valencia (APV) in the port of Sagunto have made it possible to gain in service and competitiveness with the execution of projects such as the expansion of the docks – September 1, 2020 The 2020-2025 Infrastructure Plan foresees an investment of €136 million The Port of Sagunto is placed in position 15 of the Spanish port
ranking by the total of tons managed and in seventh place by movement of vehicles Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia (APV – Valenciaport, Port Authority of Valencia) has invested more than €360 million in the construction and rehabilitation of the infrastructures of the Port of Sagunto in the last 20 years, an investment that has allowed the Saguntinas facilities the expansion of its activity and the modernization of its processes, consolidating itself as a reference port in Spain. This commitment of APV for the Sagunto facilities has positioned the infrastructure as a reference centre in Spain in freight traffic. Currently, it occupies the 15th position in the ranking for total tons handled, the seventh place for the movement of vehicles and non-containerized merchandise, and the 13th for liquid bulk traffic. APV will continue with this consolidation of the Port of Sagunto in the coming years with an investment of €136 million for the period 2020-2025. “For the industrial fabric of the Valencian Community it is essential that the Port of Sagunto continues to grow and expand services to generate employment and economic activity, but at the same time we will continue to improve integration with the city as a driving force for the area,” explains Francesc Sánchez, general director of APV.  The actions planned for the coming years are, among others, the railway access, the internal network of tracks, planning and improvements in the north, electrical substation, or the improvements in the Sagunto-Teruel-Zaragoza network. The main investments made in recent years include the dredging works and the regasification plant with €12.5 million, the shelter works for the expansion with €60.1 million, the construction of the south pier with €63 million and the extensions of the different docks. In total, more than €360 million, which have placed the Sagunto center as strategic for the Valencian Community, with close to 7,000,000 tons, more than 53,000 TEU or 156,000 vehicles managed in 2019. In addition, this consolidation of Sagunto as a strategic center for key sectors such as the automotive industry is highlighted in the ANFAC Report that places the port of Sagunto in second position in the logistics evaluation of Spanish ports in the movement of new vehicles. A position that it occupies despite not having rail access, something that will be improved in the coming years with the Valenciaport investment plan. Among the main actions undertaken in the Port of Sagunto are: YearMain projects€ million2000Draft improvement of the dock and entrance channel3.42001Improved interior dock drafts3.32001Adaptation of the North Pier. Central Section2.72004Phase I dredging and regasification facility12.52004Adaptation of the North Pier. West section3.52005Shelter works for the expansion60.12006Water distribution network improvement2.12006Road paving contradique expansion FI1.62006Modified works shelter extension10.42007Adaptation of the South Dock Automobile Terminal-Phase I2.22007Construction of the interior road network Phase I2.42007Adaptation of the South Dock Automobile Terminal-Phase II3.22008South dock south dock632008West Dock South section extension15.82008Comp. Modif. South dock south dock7.52008Main access connection with north access2.12009Northeast pier of the extension19.32010Vehicle access to the northeast pier2.32010South Pier bulk terminal fillings3.52012North dock of the extension29.12012Complementary north dock extension11.52013Rolling beam container crane north dock1.6 Third Dock In this commitment to the port of Camp de Morvedre, Valenciaport has announced the start of studies for the third dock of the Port of Sagunto. The objective is to include this third dock in the Valenciaport Strategic Plan for the coming years. An initiative in which the entire port and social community will participate to analyze which model is of interest according to the strategic requirements and needs for the Port of Sagunto. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia (APV – Valenciaport, Port Authority of Valencia)

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