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Valenciaport Is Playing A Proactive Role With Facts And Results In The Fight Against Climate Change

Valenciaport is playing a proactive role with facts and results in the fight against climate change

The president of the Valencia Port Authority (APV), Aurelio Martínez, has indicated that “ports must mitigate the effects of climate change by playing a proactive role, as Valenciaport is doing, with facts and results in the fight against climate change”. Thus, between 2008 and 2019, Valenciaport’s activity has grown by 42%, while the CO2 emission per tonne managed has been reduced by 30% – November 24,
2021 During his speech, in the presentation of the Net-Zero MAR alliance, the president of the PAV pointed out that “maritime transport is responsible for 2.89% of total emissions. Without a doubt, we are the most efficient means but the enormous volume of goods and passengers transported translates into a high amount of emissions. It is the task of all of us to face these challenges and contribute to the solution of the environmental problems that our society has raised”. “The energy transition process in which the whole of society is immersed, will need tractor projects that bring together supply and demand, with which to start the journey towards a more sustainable future,” said Aurelio Martínez, who added that ” The port, which already has a clear decarbonisation strategy with an ambitious goal of carbon neutrality in 2030 – the Valenciaport Zero Emissions 2030 Plan, is an ideal scenario both for the operational and logistical advantages it presents, and for the experience accumulated in recent years thanks to its participation in innovation projects and the deployment of new technologies”. In this sense, he made reference to some of the initiatives that Valenciaport has launched “options such as electrification or the use of alternative fuels such as liquefied natural gas have already been tested and installed, and we will be the first in Europe to adopt the use of hydrogen in port operations, thanks to the H2Ports project, for which we received the Green4Sea award”. “In 2020, -he continued- we received two of the five annual awards that the IAPH grants within the framework of its” World Ports Sustainability Program “(WPSP). Specifically, the efforts made to promote the circular economy in the port area – Loop-Ports Project – and the sensorisation and reporting of environmental parameters through the European Green and Connected Ports project were rewarded. Along these lines, the president of the PAV has indicated that “Valenciaport 2030 zero emissions is an ambitious plan of a strategic nature, with specific objectives and measures destined and applied to measure of the different actors that operate within the Port: Land transport, Terminals, Technical-nautical services, Maritime Transport, etc… ”. Martínez has pointed out that “the port of Valencia is open to collaborate in all those initiatives that contribute to moving towards the total decarbonization of our economy, for this reason it participates in future initiatives with our closest environment, such as the Valencian Green Hydrogen Strategy, led by the Generalitat Valenciana, or the H2_VLC program, Finally, the president of the PAV stressed that “the ports are more than trade and employment, we are culture, prosperity and we have the responsibility to be sustainable not only economically but also socially and environmentally.” Net-Zero MAR Alliance The Port of Valencia has hosted the presentation of the Net-Zero MAR Alliance, a collaborative, non-profit platform, which aims to promote the decarbonisation and electrification of the maritime sector in Spain and which will be available to all agents, companies and institutions that want to join forces to reduce polluting emissions generated by infrastructures and maritime transport. The event was attended by the president of Puertos del Estado, Francisco Toledo; the Minister for Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility, Arcadi Spain; the CEO of Iberdrola Spain, Ángeles Santamaría, as well as the president of the Valencia Port Authority, Aurelio Martínez, and representatives of the rest of the entities promoting the initiative. The Net-Zero MAR Alliance, promoted by Iberdrola together with more than 20 companies and organizations, and which has the support of Puertos del Estado, was created with the intention of positioning the Spanish maritime industry as a leader in the electrification of ports and in the decarbonisation of maritime transport, as well as establishing a common roadmap, making it a pioneer in Europe, to achieve this objective. To this end, this platform will serve to facilitate the development of industrial decarbonization initiatives, foster a context of innovation and digitization throughout the sector, promote regulation that allows the adoption of new technologies and alternative fuels, make itself available to the public administration for the adoption of measures aimed at achieving national, European and global decarbonisation and electrification objectives, and transferring success stories in Spain to the European sphere. International shipping, which accounts for 80-90% of world trade, is responsible for about 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions. To curb the emissions caused by this activity, the International Maritime Organization has set the ambitious goal of reducing emissions from maritime transport by at least 50% by 2050, so action must be taken to reduce emissions in all activities related to ports and the use of low or emission-free alternative fuels in transport. To achieve this goal and make the transition to full decarbonization of the sector possible, close collaboration and deliberate collective action will be necessary between actors throughout the value chain; among others, the maritime industry, the energy sector, the financial sector and governments, as well as intergovernmental organizations. First members of the Alliance The Net-Zero MAR Alliance will be a reference in the decarbonization of the sector and has been conceived to accommodate the largest number of entities and be open to anyone who is aligned with its objectives. Among the members who to date have joined the initiative and who have contributed to its promotion are: Valencia Port Authority (Valenciaport), Baleària, Bound4Blue, Valenciaport Foundation, Gimeno Group, Junquera Group, Iberdrola, Ingeteam, Technological Institute of la Energía (ITE), MAN Energy Solutions Spain, MSC Terminal (Mediterranenan Shipping Cruises), Navantia, Ormazabal (Velatia), PortCastelló, Puerto de Alicante, Puerto Banús, PYMAR, Seaplace, Roca Castellón Consignaciones, Tecnalia, Tubacex, Universitat Politècnica de València and remains open to the joining of different companies and entities that allow the Spanish maritime industry to be positioned as a driving force in the electrification of ports and the decarbonisation of sea transport. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de València (APV – Valenciaport, Port Authority of Valencia)

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