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Valenciaport To Tender Update Of The Economic Impact Study

Valenciaport to tender update of the economic impact study

Source: Valenciaport
The port precincts of València, Sagunto and Gandia generated 2,500 million euros of added value and 39,000 jobs according to the data of the last report with data from 2016The activity of the ports managed by the PAV made it possible to distribute 1,243 million euros a year in salariesThe public coffers entered 181 million euros in 2016 for the activities related to Valenciaport València,
April 14, 2021 Valenciaport will put out to tender technical assistance for the preparation of Economic Impact Studies of the ports managed by the Valencia Port Authority (APV) in order to determine the impact of port activity on the generation of wealth and employment in the Valencian Community. For this new Study, the traffic of goods in the three ports will be considered, and the movement of passengers in regular line and cruise passengers for the Port of Valencia. For this, the operations of the port community for the 2018, 2019 and 2020 years will be taken as a basis to know the current impact of the ports managed by the PAV. Valenciaport is acting as a driving force behind the economic activity of its hinterland, which represents 55% of Spain’s GDP, and is acting as a platform for the export of the productive fabric, a key element to recover the dynamism of the Spanish economy that is reflected in the sustained growth of Valenciaport in recent years. Thus, in 2016, Valenciaport handled 4.72 million TEUs (standard 20-foot container) and 71.2 million tons of goods mobilized, while in 2020, this figure was 5.42 million containers and 81 million tons of goods that were operated in the docks of the port areas, in a year that was marked by the crisis due to COVID-19. Driving company and engine of the economy According to data from the latest Valenciaport Economic Impact Study presented in 2018 and prepared by the Department of Economy and Social Sciences of the Polytechnic University of Valencia with data from 2016, Valenciaport contributed gross added value to the Valencian economy and its area of ​​influence of 2,500 million euros, 2.39% of the total GDP of the Valencian Community. With regard to employment, companies related to Valenciaport generated 38,866 jobs, a figure that represented 2.09% of the total jobs in the Valencian Community. Some data that show the importance of Valenciaport as a generator of employment and wealth in its environment. In this sense, the activity of the port areas made it possible to distribute 1,243 million euros a year in salaries. More than 400 million of these rents were generated by the initial effect of the Port, but more than double this amount (two out of every three salaries) originated from the direct, indirect and induced effects of Valenciaport. As a whole, Valenciaport was the source of 2.62% of the total salary mass of the Valencian Community. However, it created 2.09% of Valencian employment; Regarding tax revenues, the study indicates that the public coffers entered 181 million euros in 2016 for activities related to Valenciaport. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de València (APV – Valenciaport, Port Authority of Valencia)

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