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Venice Hosts EU “Ursa Major Neo” Transport Event

Venice hosts EU “Ursa Major neo” transport event

Venice Hosts EU “Ursa Major Neo” Transport EventSource: Porto di Venezia

Venice, Italy (PortSEurope) January 8, 2018 – On December 14-15, 2017, Venice port hosted the two days of “Ursa Major neo” European Union (EU) project meetings, a, co-funded initiative from the EU and coordinated by the Ministry of Transport in Germany – with the aim of improving road traffic management along the European Alpine and Mediterranean Scandinavian Corridors.

Within the project, Autorita’ di Sistema Portuale del Mare Adriatico Settentrionale (AdSP – Northern Adriatic Sea Port Authority) is engaged in the development of a monitoring and information system for transporters aimed at minimizing the times of waiting for access to the port terminals and more generally to optimize access to the port.

The project, co-financed by the European Union, will end in 2020 and was officially launched in Venice on December 15, 2017. The Consortium, with a total investment of €150 million Euro, is coordinated by the German Ministry of Transport and groups the main public and private actors along the axis Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Italy, covering in particular the area of ​​the Alpine and Mediterranean Scandinavian Corridors.

For the Italian part, under the general coordination of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructures and the technical coordination of SINA Spa, operates with a budget of over €42 million. Italy does not only contribute with the largest number of partners but has presented itself with a large group of port authorities and managing bodies of the great road network.

The main objectives, to be achieved through pilot actions and investments both on the network and on management, are the integration between the information systems of the motorways and the ports to better plan the routes between motorways, ordinary roads and port accesses of heavy vehicles, with consequent effect also positive on Co2 emissions.

The AdSP of Venice and Chioggia will be committed to developing a monitoring and information system for transporters, aimed at reducing waiting times for access to port terminals and, in general, to optimize access to the port.

On December 14, the AdSP will also host a workshop of the Ursa Major 2 project (term 2018), aimed at capitalizing the results achieved so far through the exchange of good practices, in order to activate a process of mutual learning among road operators. The event will also be an opportunity to officially seal the consortium Memorandum, aimed at specifying the commitments between the beneficiaries, for the continuation of the activities, which will be expanded precisely in Ursa Major neo, in the presence of representatives of the respective Italian transport ministries , Dutch and German.

The URSA MAJOR Neo (UMneo) project continues the development of ITS services to improve freight traffic on the European Union TEN-T road network along the CEF RHINE-ALPS and SCANMED core corridors, linking the North Sea ports, the Rhine region and the Ruhr, the metropolitan areas of southern Germany and northern Italy with the Mediterranean ports up to Sicily. Project partners at European level come from Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

Source: Porto di Venezia

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