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Venice Ports Completes Canal Work To Welcome Larger Vessels

Venice ports completes canal work to welcome larger vessels

Venice Ports Completes Canal Work To Welcome Larger VesselsSource: PortSEurope

Venice, Italy (PortSEurope) June 12, 2018 – The project to excavate and improve the Malamocco-Marghera canal has been completed.

The operation, which is part of the more detailed activity of maintenance excavation envisaged by the 2018-2020 Triennial Operating Plan, involved the excavation of approximately 80,000 cubic meters of sediment, enabling vessels carrying 8,500 TEU to access the port.

This supports traffic between Venice and the Far East, confirmed by the commitment of the companies of the Ocean Alliance to guarantee the service on a weekly basis.

The port of Malamocco, or the mouth of the port of Malamocco, is the central access to the lagoon of Venice, south of the Lido-San Nicolò and north of that of Chioggia.

Source: Gente Veneta

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