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Vigo Organises Second Workshop On Blue Fishing Ports “Towards Sustainability”

Vigo organises second workshop on blue fishing ports “Towards Sustainability”

Vigo, Spain (PortSEurope) October 17, 2020 – Vigo organized its second workshop on blue fishing ports, under the slogan “Towards sustainability” and will be online. The conferences are aimed at representatives of fishing ports interested in the blue economy and its implementation within their own national/sectoral strategies. The conference will be opened by a representative of FAO, who will be accompanied by a person in
charge of State Ports, the Regional Minister of the Sea, Rosa Quintana, and the President of the Vigo Port Authority, Enrique C. López Veiga. Also participating are various internationally renowned organizations, such as the World Bank, the European Organization of Maritime Ports (ESPO), the International Association of Ports and Terminals (IAPH), the United Nations Organization and Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO). The choice of Vigo by FAO for the organization of these conferences has to do with its trajectory in the implementation of the Blue Growth Strategy, it is establishing itself as the head of the so-called “blue ports”, which, as López Veiga recently stated, can only be blue if the cities in which they operate are blue, and vice versa. In the words of the FAO Director General, Qu Dongyu, in his closing speech, the Port of Vigo is in the championship of the blue ports. FAO chose Vigo to give testimony of support for the “Green Cities” initiative for the effort carried out in recent years in its “Blue Port” strategy, as well as for its initiatives to combat climate change and enhancement of marine biodiversity in its docks. Additionally, the port also seeks the integration of the port with the city, improving and building spaces for citizens. In the first session, participants will address different aspects of the blue economy and its implementation strategy to achieve sustainable blue growth. Emphasis will be placed on the European network of blue ports, the main conclusions reached at the forum held last year in Vigo will be presented, and its social dimension will be addressed. Work in international fishing ports, the current role of women and blue skills and environmental, the best practices of green ports and the challenges for becoming a green port. The second day will deal with the new initiatives of the network of blue fishing ports, such as the Regional Blue Growth Strategy of Central America and Marine Spatial Planning and will also address the values, objectives, activities, operability and sustainability of the International Blue Fishing Ports, to conclude with an analysis of the next steps to take. Awareness and development of knowledge about the socioeconomic and environmental dimensions of the impact of fishing ports in their interior is expected, highlighting the social benefits, in addition to establishing an international network of blue fishing ports and developing structures of objectives and an action plan. Twenty participants from fifteen fishing ports agreed to continue working on the design and implementation of a network of blue fishing ports to facilitate the exchange of good practices and the development of capacities and innovative projects, taking into account the social, economic and social dimensions. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2020.

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