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VSC Partners With The New Maersk Transcontinental Service From Asia To The Ports Of The Black Sea

VSC partners with the new Maersk transcontinental service from Asia to the ports of the Black Sea

Source: Maersk
Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company (VSC), part of Global Ports Group, has started to serve the new transcontinental service Maersk AE77. Containers will be transported from Asian countries through the Russian ports of Vostochny and Novorossiysk to the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean regions – April 25, 2021 On 23 April 2021, the first container train departed from VSC (located in the deep-water port of Vostochny) to
NUTEP terminal (part of DeloPorts, located in the port of Novorossiysk) as part of the new service. The train was loaded with 130 TEU of cargo delivered by sea from China, the Republic of Korea and Japan to VSC. Upon arrival in Novorossiysk, the containers will be loaded onto a vessel and shipped to various ports in the Black Sea and Mediterranean basins. The delivery time between the Russian ports by rail is 12 days and the overall transit time of AE77 on the main routes is 25-30 days. Further the new service is expected to be carried out weekly. The service is organised by Maersk in partnership with the transport and forwarding company Modul. AE77 shipments are processed through Maersk’s bill of lading, shipment orders are placed on the company’s standard online platform, and shipment data is published on TradeLens, a global blockchain platform. Global Ports has also been a partner of Maersk on another transit intermodal service of cargo delivery from Asia to Europe – AE19 – since August 2019, operating through the deep-water port of Vostochny and the Big port of St. Petersburg. The service operates in both directions, and the total transit time between Asian and European ports is 25-30 days. AE19 transit trains depart from Asia to Europe four times a week and on a weekly basis in the opposite direction along the Europe-Asia route. Source: Global Ports

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