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Yilport Announces Pandemic Measures And Emergency Surcharge

Yilport announces pandemic measures and emergency surcharge

Source: Autorita’ di Sistema Portuale del Mar Ionio
Yilport Holding extends precautionary actions against COVID-19 pandemic and standardizes them in all 22 terminals across 10 countries – December 8, 2020 The company has started its program to obtain “COVID-19 Compliant” certificates for all its terminals. The certification audit will finish the by early 2021. Yilport announced that it is keeping up with guidelines of World Health Organization (WHO), governments, and local authorities, while
complementing to all recommendations and requirements. Contingency kits are deployed at all terminals including masks, gloves, thermometers, and pharma-grade sanitizers. The terminal areas such as break rooms, restrooms, dressing rooms, cabinets, tally rooms, and kiosks are sanitized daily. In some cases, equipment cabins and terminal shuttles are sanitized on every shift. Isolation rooms are set up at each terminal with minimal sets of furniture. The terminals collaborate with local security companies to ensure ISPS security working with one site team and one on-call ready team. Ozone generators are installed for sanitization and disinfection purposes of air conditioning systems. Cafeterias are closed in many terminals and meals are directly served to employee workstations. Temperatures and personnel states of health are collected at gates. Yilport Holding took extra measures to ensure continuity for all business partners since the beginning of the pandemic. Due to unforeseen consequences, the company is facing increased costs of obligatory safety procedures, social distancing requirements, extra sanitization, protective equipment, etc. In order to maintain the high service quality at all terminals, the company will introduce emergency surcharge to be billed to every full import/export container handled in the following Yilport countries from 1 January 2021: Terminals in Turkey: 3 USD per full container Ecuador (Yilport Puerto Bolivar): 3 USD per full container Sweden: 30 SEK per full container Norway: 30 NOK per full container Terminals in Iberia: 3 Euro per full container Italy (Yilport San Cataldo Container Terminal): 3 Euro per full container Yilport is committed to the business growth of its customers, and reiterates that the surcharge will cover part of the operating costs caused by the pandemic. Yilport Holding is an international port operator with European commercial interests in Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Portugal and Spain. South European terminals include Gebze, Solventas, Gemport, Rotaport (all Turkey), Liscont, Figueira da For, Sotagas, Leixoes, Aveiro, Setubal, Tersado (all Portugal), Ferrol, and Huelva (both Spain). The company is part of Turkey’s Yildirim Group of companies. Source: Yilport

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