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Ports Europe provides unique English-language information about over 200 ports in the Mediterranean, Black and Caspian Seas with a daily news service, available on a website, searchable and categorised by company, port, country, subject & industry. It includes over 19,000 articles. Also included are “Analysis” articles which provide in-depth information on a particular issue with ports, both politics and business.

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The content is available by subscription, and can be integrated or redistributed with permission.

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Ports Europe focuses its news coverage on the business of ports including corporate, financial and economic news. This includes port ownership and privatisation. Special attention is paid to the development of the Chinese One Belt One Road initiative (new Silk Road) and the efforts of the European Commission to develop the multimodal capabilities of the ports in the south and east of Europe. Both themes are topical in light of the ongoing effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the development of regional trade corridors. This includes Moscow’s reorientation of its trade routes away from Europe and towards countries south and east of Russia.

Ports Europe is also providing an insight in the ports’ activities in North Africa and the Middle East as well as in the former Soviet republics. From Portugal to Turkey, from Russia to Israel and from Morocco to Azerbaijan, this news service offers unique and often exclusive coverage.

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Ports Europe is produced by Infonicks GmbH, Raffelspergergasse 11-13/2/6, Vienna 1190, Austria.


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