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Constanța, Romania (Ports Europe) March 12, 2024 – The Romanian Government has approved a key infrastructure project to expand the southern sector of Constanta Port. The expansion project will include new terminals, access roads, and utilities in the region.

According to Transport Minister Sorin Grindeanu, the project is estimated to cost around 1.12 billion euros ($1.22 billion). He said it would enable the port to handle larger-capacity ships at 17 newly created berths on Pier III South and Pier IV South, which would increase the port’s cargo capacity.

The project will be the responsibility of Compania Națională Administrația Porturilor Maritime SA Constanța.

In February this year, the government approved a decision to allocate over $200 million for the Constanta Port dredging program.

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The Port of Constanta is located on the Western coast of the Black Sea, at 179 nM from the Bosphorus Strait and 85 nM from the Sulina Branch, through which the Danube flows into the sea. The port of Constanta benefits from an advantageous geographical position, being located on the pan-European Rhine-Danube transport corridor.

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