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Almería Port Sees Increased Seafood Catch In Jan-Sept 2018

Almería port sees increased seafood catch in Jan-Sept 2018

Almería Port Sees Increased Seafood Catch In Jan-Sept 2018© Autoridad Portuaria de Almería

Almería, Spain (PortSEurope) November 28, 2018 – In the first nine months of 2018, the port of Almería landed 2.75 million kilos of fish, an increase of 7.8% compared to the same period last year.

Of this volume, the greater part corresponds to fish (2.4 million kilos, up 6.45%). Catches of molluscs exceeded 169,000 kilos (up 10.79%), while those of crustaceans (170,845 kilos) have registered an increase of 29.1%.

The accumulated value of fishing that entered the fish market exceeded €8.7 million ($9.89 million), 12% more than in the same period last year. The value of fish catches has exceeded €4.5 million ($5.12 million), almost 20% more than in 2017.

For its part, the value of molluscs was €1.2 million (($ 1.36 million, up 30.7%), while that of crustaceans fell by 3.7% to €2.9 million ($3.3  million).

Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Almería

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