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Atlantic Vigo Cruise Terminal: First Terminal In Europe To Obtain The Biological Risk Control Certification

Atlantic Vigo Cruise Terminal: First terminal in Europe to obtain the biological risk control certification

Source: PortSEurope
During this cessation of activity due to the pandemic, which has severely affected the cruise sector, the shipping companies have taken advantage of this time to improve prevention and security against Covid to start making calls in European ports with the utmost confidence. From our terminal, as we want to improve and go further, we have been working to obtain the Biological Risk Control certificate,
issued by OCA Global. Guaranteeing our clients, the shipping companies, workers and suppliers, the fulfilment of the safety, prevention, and control measures against the transmission of diseases caused by biological agents, especially Covid-19. These are the measures that we plan to implement in the first cruise ship stopover, in addition to those ordered by the State Ports and health protocol:1) Hand sanitizer gel2) Total separation of entry and exit flows 3) Limitation of capacity4) Ventilation5) Checking of temperature6) Tray cleaning7) Separate groups of guards during shifts 8) Shoe disinfectant mats9) CO2 concentration measurement sensor 10) TERMINAL R&D&I PROJECT TERMINAL R&D&I PROJECT. Candidate for Ports 4.0 fundsAfter analysing the risks and preventive measures in the terminal, we decided to participate in an R+D+I project, together with the companies GTG ingenieros and Point Medio Ambiente SL.The main question to solve was how to improve prevention against Covid, without having delays in passenger logistics, since shipping companies value a fluid traffic for embarkation and disembarkation. This project has been chosen as one of the candidates for the Ports 4.0 State Ports funds. Three parts can be distinguished: Tunnel for the disinfection of luggage and personal belongings on entry and exit of passengers.Equipment with forced ventilation, HEPA filter, UV-C light, and bipolar ioniser.Thermographic cameras in security arch. Atlantic Vigo Cruise wants to send a message to the shipping companies so that they continue to have the city of Vigo and the newest terminal in Europe inaugurated in 2019 with the latest generation equipment as a reference destination once the cruise calls are reactivated. Source: Atlantic Vigo Cruise Terminal

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