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Cádiz’ Jerez De La Frontera Railway Logistics Terminal Multiplies Its Activity By Six During 2021

Cádiz’ Jerez de la Frontera Railway Logistics Terminal multiplies its activity by six during 2021

Source: PortSEurope
Cádiz, Spain (PortSEurope) January 17, 2022 – The Jerez de la Frontera Railway Logistics Terminal has multiplied its activity by six during 2021 compared to the volume of containers moved in 2020. Throughout the last financial year, the terminal has accounted for 19,390 UTIS (Intermodal Transport Unit) with origin or destination in the Port of Cádiz, compared to the 3,275 registered throughout 2020. This increase
in activity is reflected in an increase in the number of trains, going from one train per week in 2020 to five or six trains in 2021. In the monthly development, in January 2021, the thousand UTIS were exceeded for the first time, a barrier that has not been lowered throughout the year and has even multiplied by two, with 2,029 UTIS in the month of July. It has gone from a monthly average of 272 ITUs in 2020 to 1,615 ITUs in 2021. The logistics terminal started its activity in May 2019 thanks to the Bahía de Cádiz Port Authority, which was awarded the Adif contract for the management of services and marketing of the Jerez de la Merchandise transport terminal. Frontera, calling in turn a tender to subrogate the service to a private operator. The CONCASA company, also a concessionaire of the container terminal, was awarded the contract and is in charge of providing the service. The logistics operators that promote the train are the company Tratansa, belonging to the Travelport Group and Boluda; betting on Renfe for the provision of the rail service. The enhancement of the Jerez freight terminal is part of the strategic objective of improving the connectivity and intermodality of the Port of the Bay of Cadiz, favoring the competitiveness of the logistics chains that operate through the Port, and represents an interesting logistics alternative for companies operating in the province of Cádiz, pending the completion of the rail link works both to the port of Cádiz, through the Seville-Cádiz line, and through the construction and commissioning of the branch railway to the Cabezuela-Puerto Real dock, already underway. The terminal has an esplanade for logistics use of 12,500 m² , as well as 2 tracks without electrification (track 8 of 595 m and track 10 of 555 m) in which to carry out these operations. Through the terminal, the loading and unloading service of Intermodal Transport Units is offered to railway companies and other candidates who request it, as well as other types of services, in accordance with the conditions and maximum rates approved by the successful bidder, as provided by Law 38/2015 of the Railway Sector. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2022.

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