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China’s Pan Mediterranean Engineering Company Wins Ashdod Port Contract

China’s Pan Mediterranean Engineering Company wins Ashdod port contract

Ashdod, Israel (PortSEurope) February 19, 2020 – Pan Mediterranean Engineering Company (PMEC), part of China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd, has has won a tender to upgrade Ashdod’s main dock for NIS 1 billion (€270.3 million). The upgrade is part of a comprehensive plan for Israel’s Port Company to promote and upgrade the sea ports in Haifa and Ashdod, including planning the expansion of silos at
Ashdod Port, restoration of the fuel pier and passengers and the restoration of the old breakwater in Haifa port and more, in order to increase efficiency, and make ports more competitive and improve the level of services Upgrading piers with a total length of 850 meters, will allow large container ships of about 400 meters in length and a carrying capacity of 18,000 containers to use the port. The upgrade will include deepening the eastern part of the platform to a depth of about 17.5 metres and strengthening it to carry cranes of 130 tons, and the western part deepening it to a depth of about 16 metres and adapting it to receive large nuclear vessels. The upgrade works will begin this May and will last for about three years, with all the upgrades being carried out while continuing work on Ashdod Port and cooperation between the Israeli Ports and Ashdod Port Company. CEO Shlomo Briman commented: “This is another significant step to increase Ashdod Port Company competition and readiness for the opening of private sea ports and the realization of comprehensive port reform. Significant development of the central platform rear at Ashdod Port will move Ashdod Port forward and allow capacity to be increased The large ships on the platform while providing efficient service at a level similar to that offered in the new ports”. PMEc also won the tender to construct Ashdod’s Southport Project. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2020.

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