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Controversial Borkum ship arrives in Port Marghera, Venice

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Venice, Italy (Ports Europe) May 28, 2024 – The controversial Borkum ship left Koper port and has arrived in Port Marghera, Venice.

Allegedly, the ship contains armaments for delivery to Israel. Earlier this week, the ship decided not stop in Cartagena, Spain, after another vessel was prevented from entering the port for a similar reason. In Slovenia, NGOs and some political parties did not want Slovenian infrastructure to be used for handling armaments.

The ship, which flies the flag of Antigua and Barbuda, left the port of Koper on Friday evening following requests to the authorities from some pro-Palestinian organizations to verify the cargo. The official response from the Slovenian government said that the transported goods were destined for the Czech Republic.

No irregularities were identified by the Slovenian maritime authorities and its documentation was in order, which is why the ship was regularly served at the port of Koper.

However, if the documentation was correct, why didn’t the ship stop, as planned, in Cartagena? On the way to Marghera, the vessel deactivated its AIS (Automatic Identification System), not unknown, but unusual.

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