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€80 million for Ancona port and Fincantieri’s shipyard

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Ancona, Italy (Ports Europe) November 14, 2023 – Italy’s Central Adriatic Sea Port System Authority (ADSP) and Trieste-based Fincantieri, one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the world, have signed an agreement for the development of the Adriatic Sea port of Ancona and the enlargement of Fincantieri’s shipyard.

The agreement is about the development of the existing port infrastructure – preparation docks, dry dock, technological and lifting systems – and to allocate them to the construction of larger vessels, both for the cruise and the cargo sector.

The value of the planned joint investment project is 80 million euro, 40 million euro of which are public financing – 20 million euro for the construction of a new preparation dock and 20 million euro for the lengthening of the dry dock, also through the extension of the breakwater.

The remaining 40 million euro will be a private investment by Fincantieri as part of the new state concession for the next 40 years and will concern the development of the shipbuilding industry in the port of Ancona.

Official statements

“The agreement and the investment will have a strong impact on the future development of the port of Ancona, with positive economic and social impacts on the city and the territory,” Vincenzo Garofalo, President of ADSP, said. “Fincantieri, one of the main actors in the port, thus confirms its confidence in the possibilities of growth and expansion of the Doric plant and the entire port infrastructure”.

“With the development of the port of Ancona, we are projecting ourselves towards the future with ambition and innovation,” Pierroberto Folgiero, CEO and General Manager of Fincantieri, said. “This agreement highlights our ability to invest in Italy and create value for the territory and for the entire shipbuilding sector”.

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