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France: Maritime Freight Transport In The Third Quarter Of 2021

France: Maritime freight transport in the third quarter of 2021

In the third quarter of 2021, the traffic of goods passing through the main French ports in mainland France was up 0.6% compared to the previous quarter with a volume of 69,353 thousand tonnes after adjusting for seasonal variations – November 1, 2021 Only solid bulk traffic saw a significant increase this quarter (+9.2%), while the others were either stable (containers +0.6%) or on the
decline (Ro-Ro and liquid bulk with respectively -4.5% and -1.3%). Incoming freight traffic, which represents 44,298,000 tonnes this quarter, is down 3.4% while outgoing traffic, at 25,054,000 tonnes, is up 8.5%. In the third quarter of 2021, freight traffic rose sharply for the ports of La Rochelle (+17.5% with a volume of 2,391,000 tonnes), Nantes-Saint-Nazaire (+11.5% with a volume of 4,760,000 tonnes) and to a lesser extent Haropa (+8.8% with a traffic volume of 20,828,000 tonnes). Conversely, traffic is down significantly for Marseille (-8.2% with 17,930,000 tonnes), Bordeaux (-8.5% with 1,479,000 tonnes) and to a lesser extent, for Dunkirk (-2.0% with 12,140,000 tonnes) and Calais (-1.6% with 9,824,000 tonnes). Information from Le service des données et études statistiques (SDES), Ministère de la Transition écologique

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