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Georgia minister comments on Poti, Anaklia ports

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Tbilisi, Georgia (Ports Europe) June 18, 2024 – Speaking after a government session, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Levan Davitashvili, said he thought that both Anaklia and Poti ports would be developed in a way to benefit the country and protect state assets.


According to him, it is important to develop the port infrastructure in Georgia, although this should be done while protecting the interests of the state. Also, he commented on the expansion of Poti, currently underway by concessionaire APM Terminals. Again, he referred to “protecting state assets”.

APM Terminals Poti is ready to make a significant investment

The minister also said that he had held talks with the new head of APM Terminals Poti (Ports Europe Note: presumably Christian Roeder). Davitashvili implied that issues such as investment, privatisation, the role of the state would be subject to renegotiation.

Ports Europe Note: In June 2024, the World Bank and S&P Global Market Intelligence have published the 4th edition of Container Port Performance Index (CPPI). The index ranks 405 global container ports by efficiency, focusing on the duration of port stay for container vessels. Its primary aim is to identify areas for enhancement for the benefit of multiple stakeholders in the global trading system and supply chains. This includes ports to shipping lines, national governments, and consumers. The Port of Poti was ranked 349 out of 405.


The minister then moved on to talks about Anaklia. He said the project has no delays or problems.

Anaklia Deep Sea Port was to have been the first Georgian deep-water container port with state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment. In January 2020, the Anaklia port project was cancelled by Georgia’s government, which claimed that the owners, Anaklia Development Consortium, had not met the terms and conditions of the contract. The issue is embroiled in international, political and business interests.

Last month, a consortium of majority state-owned China Communication and Construction Company (CCCC) Ltd., one of the largest construction companies in the world, and its subsidiary China Harbour, has been given the project for the construction of Georgia’s first deep-water port in Anaklia on the Black Sea. It was the sole bidder. China Road and Bridge Corporation and Qingdao Port International will serve as subcontractors for the port’s construction.

The Georgian government has said that it retains a 51% stake in the port.

Ports Europe has an extensive archive on the developments related to Anaklia deep sea port

The minister referred to both ports as “projects”.

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