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Labour Union Files For Strike At Radès Port, Tunisia

Labour union files for strike at Radès port, Tunisia

Source: Office de la Marine Marchande et des Ports
Radès, Tunisia (PortSEurope) June 1, 2020 – Over six years ago, the Ministry of Transport set up a commission to examine problems facing the port of Radès, whose activities were paralyzed by a strike lasting days. The key aim of the commission is the reform of Société tunisienne d’aconage et de manutention (STAM), the port company for stevedoring and handling. The outcome include privatisation, bringing
in a strategic partner, and/or making changes to cargo handled and services provided. The labour union representing STAM employees, UGTT, has now filed a strike scheduled for June 11 which could paralyze activities at the port. Other ports in Tunisia could also be affected. The union claim STAM will transfer employees to other entities and that the government has issued contradictory statements. CEO of STAM, Issam Jaouani, has apparently signed Annex 2 of a document about planned divestments at the port. Transport minister Anouar Maârouf has also been accused of appointing Ennahda (Islamic political party and member of the ruling coalition) members to the heads of the three main state-run port companies. In Tunisia, 95% of foreign trade passes through the port sector, including 70-80% through the port of Radès. Moreover, Tunisia has lost over the last ten years, more than 40 places in the international ranking of the Logistic Performance Index of the World Bank. It went from 60th place in 2007 to 105th place in 2018. Separately, two firms Poulina and Carthage Grains, importers of soybeans and corn, have proposed plans to construct a grain terminal at the port due to the current blockages and inefficiencies of the port. Maritime and commercial ports in Tunisia are managed by L’Office de la Marine Marchande et des Ports (OMMP). The port of Radès occupies an important place in the national transport chain due to its specialization in the traffic of containers and rolling units (mainly trailer traffic). Thus, the port of Rades handles around 20% of overall traffic, 79% of the tonnage of containerized goods, 76% of the tonnage of goods loaded in rolling units, 76% of container traffic in TEUs, 80% of traffic in rolling units and 18 % of vessel traffic recorded in all Tunisian commercial ports. Radès port is 9 km south-east of the capital Tunis. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2020.

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