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Negotiations of collective agreement with Setúbal port dockworkers resumed

Setúbal, Portugal (PortSEurope) January 10, 2019 – Negotiations for a collective bargaining agreement for the dockworkers at Setúbal port were resumed this week, Lídia Sequeira, president of the ports of Setúbal and Sesimbra said.

Sequeira said that talks resumed on Tuesday with an agreed target to reach agreement by end-February.

She said that workers of Setúbal port do not have a collective bargaining agreement, but the port administration is not part of the negotiation adding that, however, the administration has promoted meetings with concessionaires of the port. She added that there should be a collective bargaining agreement to help avoid issues developing into labour actions.

Sequeira emphasised that an agreement is the responsibility of the employers’ associations and the union.

The president confirmed that 73% of the workers in the port of Setúbal are temporary, noting that the port handles seven million tons of cargo annually, mostly for export.

The labour conflict in the Port of Setúbal, which has been dragging since the beginning of November last year, was overcome with the signing of an agreement last December 14, achieved through the mediation of the Ministry of the Sea.

This agreement allowed the integration of 56 temporary workers into the staff of the companies Operestiva and Setulsete and ensured the preference of the rest in the distribution of labour, compared to other workers who do not yet work at the port.

The labour action has affected exporters locally, who have been using alternative ports in Portugal and Spain to exports products.

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