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Orange To Install 5G Into Port Of Vigo

Orange to install 5G into Port of Vigo

Vigo, Spain (PortSEurope) September 15, 2021 – Orange España is to install two innovative 5G communications systems in the Port of Vigo. The first is related to maritime surveillance with unmanned vessels, and the second to automated control of access to the fish market through facial recognition, reported by the director of the Galician Technological Modernization Agency (Amtega), Mar Pereira. This innovative system has been
developed by Orange, which has led this pilot together with Ericsson and Inetum, and is part of the project led by the operator that includes 13 cases, with a global investment of €9 million, financed by, and in which 20 companies and public and private entities collaborate. In addition to the director of Amtega, the president of the Vigo Port Authority, Jesús Vázquez Almuiña; the delegate of the Xunta in Vigo, Marta Fernández-Tapias; the director of Digital Public Services of, Francisco Javier García Vieira and representatives of the Orange and Inetum companies. Other use case developments Galicia is one of the two Spanish communities that hosts two projects financed by for the development of use cases based on 5G technology. The winners of these projects were Telefónica and Orange. The approval by the Xunta de Galicia of the Galicia 5G Plan in 2018 and the implementation of a space for collaboration between administrations and telecommunications operators that is reflected in the 5G Node of Galicia, laid the foundations for the formation of alliances and identification of use cases in different sectors and with the collaboration of entities and companies. Galicia currently houses 13 case developments led by Orange and another 12 by Telefónica. In addition to these two projects financed by, there are 5 other pilots in the Community in which Vodafone also participates. The first tests of use in Galicia date back to the 2018-2019 period. The advance in the promotion of this technology has made Galicia the first place in the world to test roaming with 5G (between Spain and Portugal); and that Vigo and A Coruña were among the first cities in Europe to have this technology. A total of 16 case developments are carried out in the province of Pontevedra, 6 in A Coruña, 5 in Lugo and 3 in Ourense. The case of Vigo The Port of Vigo is one of the entities participating in the project, demanding innovative solutions that respond to different challenges related to the digital transformation of port facilities. The pilot presented today allows the person in charge of controlling the spaces in which the fish auctions are held to identify possible intruders. For this, facial recognition is used and artificial intelligence algorithms are used based on the protocols defined for secure access to port areas. The Port of Vigo also hosts another of Orange’s use cases for the use of a 5G-based system using unmanned ships for maritime surveillance in waters dependent on the Port Authority. During his speech, the president of the Vigo Port Authority, Jesús Vázquez Almuiña highlighted the importance of applying this technology in the Port of Vigo, since “it is the future” and “it is part of our Blue Growth strategy for the next few years” , which will bring “great benefits” to all users. For her part, the director of Amtega, Mar Pereira, recalled the importance of positioning Galicia in the development of products based on the technologies of the future, promoting the growth of the digital ecosystem and its technological specialization, as established in the Galicia Digital Strategy. On the other hand, he pointed out that 5G technology will be relevant in the development of sectoral digital projects, but it will also be essential for a population as dispersed as Galicia, to meet the goal of universal ultra-fast broadband deployment set by the EU for 2025. In this sense, the Xunta has already transferred to the Government of Spain the priorities of Galicia for the deployment of ultra-fast broadband. He also warned of the need to prioritize 5G coverage and strategic infrastructures for the territory such as ports, industrial and knowledge centers, as well as the main communication channels. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Vigo (APV – Port Authority of Vigo) Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

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