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Port Authority of Igoumenitsa plans development

Igoumenitsa, Greece  (PortSEurope) November 21, 2018 – The strategic objectives of the Port Authority of Igoumenitsa include the development of a waterway that will serve connections with island regions in the Ionian Sea, but also the coasts of Western Greece and with the long-term goal of connecting with regions of Italy.

The documentation includes:

  1. Operation Manual Igoumenitsa Waterway
  2. Igoumenitsa Waterway Safety Manual
  3. Handbook for Emergency Situations of Igoumenitsa Waterway
  4. Business Plan for Igoumenitsa Waterway
  5. Environmental Impact Study
  6. Required maps and topographic diagrams

The waterfront is located at the Palaio Limenas Pier, which has been designated by the authorities as the most appropriate area. Port Authority President and Managing Director Andreas Dais said, “The port of Igoumenitsa continues to be upgraded with infrastructure and multi-faceted services which enhance its competitive advantage and at the same time transform it into a real transport hub, participating in the wider network upgraded services provided in the Ionian and Adriatic regions”.

Igoumenitsa is one of 10 state-owned regional ports that the Hellenic Republic’s portfolio is looking to privatise or issue concession deals.

Igoumenitsa is a coastal city in northwestern Greece and capital of the regional unit of Thesprotia. Igoumenitsa is the chief port of Thesprotia and Epirus, and one of the largest passenger ports of Greece, connecting northwestern mainland Greece with the Ionian Islands and Italy.

Source: ELIME

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