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Port Authority Of Volos Holds User Council

Port Authority of Volos holds user council

Volos, Greece (PortSEurope) March 23, 2021 – The Port of Volos Users Council, chaired by the Managing Director of the Port of Volos Socrates Anagnostos, has held its second meeting. In her greeting, the President of the Port Authority of Volos (OLB), Vicky Mitrou, said that the council was a valuable communication tool for the people who run the port and the people who use its
services, adding that it can be a good conduit for the concerns of both sides. During the meeting, Managing Director of OLB Socrates Anagnostou informed the members of the Council about the actions and developments that are taking place in parallel with the forthcoming privatization of the port. One of the most important projects at the port is the expansion and completion of the third pier as the procedures for the assignment of the study, which was funded with €350,000 euros by the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy. “The third pier is an ideal place for the creation of a car terminal, unloading cars from ships, which will come from Asia or Europe and will be destined for either Greece and the Balkan countries or for transhipment to the Black Sea. This is a profitable activity with almost zero environmental footprint”, he added. Also planned is the construction of a new passenger station of 1,000 m² is planned which will meet the requirements of the Manual of Operational Procedures of the Entry – Exit System (TEU) of the Border Crossing Point (BCP) of the Port of Volos, as based on the Schengen Agreement signed by Greece. Ports must meet certain conditions for control aboard ships, cruise ships, seaplanes and private vessels from non-Schengen countries. Anagnostou, made an extensive report on the investments in mechanical equipment, which is planned and progressed by the Administration of the Port of Volos. As he stated “all our machines were bought before 2000 and we are in the process of buying new machines. We proceeded to the announcement of a tender for the supply of a crane with a lifting capacity of 125t. budget 3cm. euros and a container handling machine with a budget of 500,000 euros. We have already received and used the container transport machine, while we are expected to receive the crane by next September “. Also, from 1/1/2020, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software application was put into operation, for the most efficient organization, monitoring and development of all the activities of OLB SA. Mr. Anagnostou referred to the new building of the fish ladder and its operation within the next month, while there was particular interest in the development of the waterway and the need to connect it with other nearby waterways (Skopelos – Alonissos Skyros), the creation of a network of waterways, reiterating Mr. Anagnostou, the decisive role that will play the creation of a waterway on the coastal front of Attica. Regarding privatization, Volos is one of 10 regional ports being privatised by the state. The U.S. is seeking a stake in the ports of Igoumenitsa, Kavala and potentially Volos. Further information can be read in the PortSEurope article Who wants what in Greek ports’ privatisation. The Volos Port User Council chaired by Socrates Anagnostos included: The President of the Volos Port Authority, Mr. Vicky Mitrou The representative of the Panhellenic Union of Merchant Marine Captains Mr. Nikolaos Theodosis The representative of the Municipality of Volos Mr. Stelios Diamantidis The representative of the Region of Thessaly Mr. Grigoris Igglesis The representative of the Employees of the Port of Volos Organization Mr. Nikos Sakellariou The representative of the Federation of Hellenic Associations of Tourist and Travel Agencies (FED HATTA) Mr. Thekla Kammenou The representative of the Federation of Loaders and Unloaders of Greece Mr. Thomas Kritikos The representatives of the Association of Passenger Shipping Companies, etc. Michalis Sakellis, Vassilis Katsaris and Dionysios Theodoratos The representative of the Hellenic Maritime Chamber and the Hellenic Shipowners’ Association Mr. George Kroustallis The representative of the Chamber of Magnesia, President Mr. Aristotelis Basdanis The representative of the National Confederation of Persons with Disabilities Mrs. Ourania Karanikola The representative of the Association of Short Ship Shipowners Mr. Nikolaos Liapis The representatives of the Cruise Ship Owners Association Mr. Antonis Kaloudis, Ieronymos Georgiou The representatives from the Association of Industries of Thessaly & St. Of Greece Mr. Thomas Zachos, Stella Vaina Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

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