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Port Of Rijeka Sign Three Construction Contracts

Port of Rijeka sign three construction contracts

Source: Port Authority of Rijeka
Rijeka, Croatia (PortSEurope) August 2, 2021 – Last week, the Port Authority of Rijeka signed three contracts, all designed improve productivity at the port. Contract were signed with GP Krk, IN Stria and Securitas Hrvatska, and the total value is HKR 33.6 million (€4.48 million). Details of the three contracts: (1) (2) Contract for works on the construction of the connecting road of the port
area with the state road D 403 – over €32 million euros & contractor is GP KRK dd The total length of the connecting road of the port area is approximately 695 meters, and the deadline for the execution of works is 300 days from the date of signing the contract. The connecting road of the port area with the state road D 403 ensures traffic connection of the port area (general cargo terminal) in the Rijeka Basin with the state road D 403. Road D 403 is the main road entrance to the new Zagreb Deep Sea Container Terminal, and the internal connecting road of the port area its physical continuation to the east through the port area in the Rijeka Basin. The construction of this road eliminates the need for entry / exit of heavy trucks in the port area on Žabica Square (the existing entrance / exit Žabica) and on the very busy city street Riva in the city center. (2) Contract for expert supervision on the construction of the connecting road of the port area with the road D 403 – 830 thousand kuna and the contractor is IN Stria. (3) Contract for the implementation of a pilot project of access control, software procurement, delivery and installation of equipment – PROMARES project (Promoting maritime and multimodal freight transport – Improving the quality, safety and environmental sustainability of port, maritime transport services and nodes while promoting multimodality), Interreg Italy – Croatia The value of the contract is a little more than half a million kuna, and the executor is Securitas Hrvatska doo The pilot project is implemented within the PROMARES project and co-financed with funds from the Interreg Italy – Croatia Program, cross-border cooperation 2014 – 2020 in the amount of 85%. The pilot project includes the procurement of a new access control system in the area managed by the Port of Rijeka Authority, ie the procurement of software and delivery and installation of equipment such as cameras for thermal surveillance of entrances and exits to the Port of Rijeka and connecting everything into a single integration system. The existing passage control system at the following locations: Mlaka entrance – Žabica exit, Brajdica – service entrance, Brajdica – official entrance / exit, Rijeka breakwater and the Rijeka Port Authority Administration building needs to be modernized by replacing existing GRANT controllers and replacing all control elements passages that are damaged or worn out, then to install new elements of passage control in accordance with the current condition and needs and perform electrical work and installation of equipment to the full functionality of the new access control system. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

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