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President Of Vigo Port Authority Promotes Fishing Trade

President of Vigo Port Authority promotes fishing trade

Vigo, Spain (PortSEurope) July 5, 2021 – Speaking at the international seminar “The challenges of sustainable fishing”, organized by the University of Vigo within the framework of the Jean Monnet project, the president of the Vigo Port Authority, Jesús Vázquez Almuiña, promoted the port’s Blue Growth strategy. He said that the strategy included a commitment to fishing with a commitment to the environment and sustainability. A
project for the future for everyone During a speech, the port president emphasized that, despite the excellent evolution of port traffic in recent months, the Port of Vigo needs more berths and more drafts to cope with new mega-ships. As he stated, “sustainable growth is possible” and, in this sense, he reached out to the entire Port Community, mayors, mayors, local, regional and national institutions and maritime services, among many others, “to achieve a future project for everyone with a social and environmental commitment ”. He also referred to the MarInnLeg foundation, of which he is vice president, and was created under the Blue Growth strategy of the Port of Vigo. As he explained, the foundation collaborates in the European project Jean Monnet, led by the University of Vigo, since among its objectives are to contribute to a sustainable socio-economic development of the Galician maritime sector through the promotion and transfer of legal knowledge in this matter. The MarInnLeg foundation was established in 2017 with a public-private board of trustees to cover those technical aspects that have to do with fishing activity in its different versions, both economically, legally and administratively. A project led by the Vigo Port Authority and in which Galician universities, different associations, companies, and central and regional administrations participate. Contribute to sustainable fishing In another vein, Vázquez Almuiña admitted that, “despite the international instruments that have been adopted to guarantee sustainable fishing, there are still very important challenges in the field of labor relations, marine biodiversity and illegal acts, and even challenges in relation to unfair competition in terms of trade ”. In this context, he highlighted the importance that the Vigo Port Authority has given to the contribution to sustainable fishing, for which “we have always opted for rigorous transparency” to be able to carry out an exhaustive monitoring of all the fish that arrive to Vigo from all corners of the world and, in this sense, he referred to a modern control system where everyone can see, through its website, which ship is going to call, when, how much to disembark, from what species and at what prices. Finally, the maximum port responsible explained that in these days various challenges of sustainable fishing will be addressed from the three dimensions of the term “sustainability”: environmental, social (that is, labor rights) and even issues rather economic. But, “despite the different approaches of each area of ​​law that participates – labor law, public international law, private international law and commercial law – they share a common interest, which is the sea. Each area and each researcher from different angles and perspectives, but all the topics that will be discussed in this international conference revolve around a fundamental issue, which is sustainable fishing ”. In this sense, he added, “what the program of these conferences shows is that the areas and research not only complement each other, but are reinforced, and in the end it is also a transfer of knowledge between experts in law.” This is the 5th year that representatives from different Galician, Spanish and European universities have met to discuss issues related to the sea, for which he congratulated all those who present their research papers on this international conference. “You are a clear example that, also in the academic sphere, united we are stronger”, he concluded. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Vigo (APV – Port Authority of Vigo) Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

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