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Ranking: Top 10 Italian Ports – Cargo Traffic – First Semester 2021

Ranking: Top 10 Italian ports – Cargo traffic – First semester 2021

Rome, Italy (PortSEurope) October 3, 2021 – In the first half of 2021, Gioia Tauro was the leading port in Italy by cargo volumes, of 18.09 million tonnes, 18.05 mt were container cargo (over 99%). The second port was Genoa with 16.71 million tonnes, of which 11.9 mt were container cargo (71%). Ranking: Top 10 Italian ports – Cargo traffic – First semester 2021  AdSP/TonnageLiquid
BulkSolid bulkContainersRo-Ro Misc. goodsTotaltonn.tonn.tonn.tonn.tonn.tonn.Gioia Tauro255.000018.059.10539.783018.098.888Genova6.474.3601.318.25411.932.6054.548.519229.22916.710.353Livorno3.942.282390.1604.292.1037.732.797936.20812.961.108Trieste16.940.912237.0564.155.7654.021.703391.7948.569.262Salerno0217.6002.651.7494.523.880596.0717.771.700La Spezia631.39513.6806.133.824048.4306.182.254Napoli2.553.875616.2403.259.0302.109.09305.368.123Ravenna2.210.9665.449.3091.193.795725.9123.234.8455.154.552Venezia4.026.3963.048.6442.499.826862,8591.172.3334.535.018Savona & Vado2.424.627849,4041.260.4082.127.244384.4203.772.072Source: Assoporti In January 2016 the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport’s Ports Decree reviewed the Italian ports network. Port authorities were re-organised into strategic decision centres managed by an Autorita’ di Sistema Portuale (AdSP) based in the Italian “core” ports as set out by the EU. Most AdSPs are responsible for more than one port. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

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