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Kanal Istanbul is a proposed artificial sea-level waterway that would connect the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara, bypassing the Bosphorus Strait. The project is being developed by the Turkish government and has been in planning for several years.

The primary aim of Kanal Istanbul is to ease the congestion of shipping traffic in the Bosphorus Strait, which is one of the busiest waterways in the world. The proposed canal would provide a new route for ships to pass through, reducing the risks of accidents and oil spills in the Bosphorus and improving the efficiency of shipping in the region.

In addition to its shipping benefits, the Kanal Istanbul project is also expected to generate economic development opportunities in the surrounding areas. The Turkish government hopes that the project will create jobs and attract investment to the region, as well as provide a new outlet for Turkey’s growing tourism industry.

Kanal Istanbul, Erdogan’s “crazy project”, moves forward despite Turkey’s economic woes

However, the Kanal Istanbul project has also been the subject of controversy and criticism. Environmentalists have raised concerns about the potential impact of the project on the surrounding ecosystem, including the risk of water pollution and habitat destruction. Some experts have also questioned the economic feasibility of the project, citing high construction costs and uncertain demand for the new canal.

The Kanal Istanbul project is still in the planning and development phase, and its implementation remains uncertain. The Turkish government has indicated that the project will proceed, but its timeline and funding sources are still being determined.

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Ports Europe: Updated May 12, 2023

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