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Russia seaports see container traffic down in January-July 2022

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Moscow, Russia (PortSEurope) August 24, 2022 – Russia seaports saw container traffic down in January-July 2022 by -19.6% to 2.62 million containers (TEU). The decline accelerated from 15% in January-June 2022.

Import container turnover was down by -29.5% yoy to 974,830 TEU (loaded turnover fell by 29.3%, empty – by 34%). Export transshipment of containers decreased by -17.8% to 1.1 million TEU. Transit fell by -28.4% from 109,200 TEU to 78,150 TEU. At the same time, cabotage for the reporting period increased by +8%, up to 478,510 TEU.

Ports of the Baltic basin lost 44% of their turnover, handling 821,780 TEU against more than 1.47 million TEU a year earlier. Export fell by -38%, import by -50% and transit by -63%.

The Azov-Black Sea basin lost 9.6% of its turnover, 464,050 TEU were handled against 513,510 TEU a year earlier. Exports decreased by -7%, imports by -13%.

In other basins of the Russian Federation, there was an increase in container handling. The ports of the Far East Basin handled 1.24 million TEU, which is 4% more than a year earlier. Export grew by 18%, cabotage by 5%.

The growth of container turnover in the Arctic basin amounted to 19.3% year-on-year, the Caspian -53%.

At the end of 2021, the container turnover of Russian ports amounted to 5.63 million TEU (+6.2%): export – 2.27 million TEU, import – 2.38 million TEU, transit – 0.19 million TEU, cabotage – 0.78 million TEU. The ports of the Baltic basin transshipped 2.51 million TEU, the Far East – 2.12 million TEU.

All figures from the Association of Commercial Sea Ports of the Russian Federation (ASOP).

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