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Spain: Total Cargo Handled By Port Authority – August 2021

Spain: Total cargo handled by port authority – August 2021

Madrid, Spain (PortSEurope) September 27, 2021 – In the month of August Spanish state ports handled 48.53 million tons of cargo, up +0.7% on August 2019, according to Puertos del Estado, the state organisation responsible for the management of state-owned ports. Ranking – January-August 2020/2021 – The Top Five Ports: by % growth – Malaga (59.5%), Almeria (43.3%), Pasaia (30.9%), Vilagarcia (26%) & Tarragona (24.2%)by
total volume (million tons) – Algeciras (69.6), Valencia 56.6), Barcelona (44.3), Cartagena (21) & Bilbao (20.5)by total liquid bulk (million tons) – Algeciras (18.6), Cartagena (16.4), Huelva (15.6), Tarragona (14.2) & Bilbao (11.4)by total solid bulk (million tons) – Gijon (9.5), Castellon (5.8), Tarragona (4.6), Ferrol (3.9) & Cartagena (3.8)by total general cargo (million tons) – Valencia (52.8), Algeciras (47.1), Barcelona (32.5), Las Palmas (11.4) & Balearas (8.1)by total container (tons) – Valencia (43.1), Algeciras (39.4), Barcelona (25.4), Las Palmas (8.8) & Bilbao (3.7). Total cargo handled by Spain’s state-owned ports August 2021 & January-August 2021 accumulated Port AuthorityMonth August Month AugustAccumulated 2020Accumulated 2021 Variance %A CORUÑA869.9501.230.4267.302.2887.650.5174,77ALICANTE185.488211.2851.747.2061.667.879-4,54ALMERÍA360.896516.9442.900.7664.159.48743,39AVILÉS281.981421.8962.706.6103.104.07214,68BAHÍA DE ALGECIRAS8.743.9338.893.78771.062.36469.695.044-1,92BAHÍA DE CÁDIZ345.334463.3532.892.3792.951.9052,06BALEARES1.140.5511.277.6158.338.5679.136.8279,57BARCELONA4.715.9515.802.83737.737.55544.314.14617,43BILBAO2.427.3342.777.35321.359.66220.571.056-3,69CARTAGENA2.884.2463.140.02222.143.23621.055.621-4,91CASTELLÓN1.790.9261.937.85212.341.35213.694.78210,97CEUTA107.887142.0101.272.6591.025.216-19,44FERROL-SAN CIBRAO919.775753.4796.920.6736.722.145-2,87GIJÓN1.190.7221.655.60910.297.61011.281.0809,55HUELVA2.508.9613.261.19420.808.69919.774.751-4,97LAS PALMAS2.491.3302.373.07116.875.14218.792.28811,36MÁLAGA227.612606.8251.748.3832.789.51559,55MARÍN Y RÍA DE PONTEVEDRA132.817222.7051.328.1471.363.1002,63MELILLA45.03050.324412.215400.790-2,77MOTRIL166.838161.2161.511.2051.761.26216,55PASAIA196.876227.2791.782.3882.334.77230,99SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE936.082960.6857.425.1447.027.074-5,36SANTANDER457.115526.6503.490.9924.314.03123,58SEVILLA381.599302.4292.688.6122.615.675-2,71TARRAGONA2.027.3372.924.31216.467.50520.457.34224,23VALENCIA6.994.3547.191.43751.550.45456.690.9689,97VIGO328.366381.6572.732.2833.094.02613,24VILAGARCÍA120.884120.268765.802965.51126,08Total 42.980.17648.534.520338.609.897359.410.8836,14Source: Puertos del Estado Complete Puertos del Estado cargo statistics can be accessed here Puertos del Estado is a state-owned organisation responsible for the management of state-owned ports. The company executes the port policy of the government and coordinates and controls the efficiency of the port system, made up of 28 port authorities that manage the 46 ports of general interest. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

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