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Spanish Port Traffic Drops 5.5% In October

Spanish port traffic drops 5.5% in October

Puertos del Estado – November 24, 2020 Goods in transit continue to recover ground, growing by 12.5%.9 of the 28 Port Authorities (Alicante, Almería, Bahía de Cádiz, Gijón, Pasaia, Tarragona, Valencia, Vigo and Vilagarcía) increased their traffic. The 46 ports of general interest of the State, coordinated by Puertos del Estado (PdE), moved 45.9 million tons during the month of October, a decrease of 5.5%
compared to the 48.6 million moved in the same month of the previous year. In the accumulated of the year, from January to October, the port system as a whole has moved 428.6 million tons, a decrease of 10.1% (476.8 million tons). The effects of the pandemic is very different, depending on the type of goods and the ports. Thus, by type of merchandise, liquid bulks, with 14 million tons moved in October, have fallen -11%, practically maintaining that ratio in the accumulated of the year, -10.2%, mainly due to the decrease in biofuel traffic, energy gases from oil, and crude oil at more than 11 million tons so far this year. Solid bulk, with 7.7 million tons moved, fell by -5%, although in the accumulated of the year this decrease increased to -16.6%. In this group, the decreases in cereals and their flours, iron ore and other non-metallic minerals, but especially coal and petroleum coke, stand out. In total solids have fallen by more than 9.5 million tons. Finally, general merchandise, with 23.5 million tons, decreased by -1.6%, accumulating a decrease of -7.3% in the first ten months of the year. This group, despite the loss of just over 7 million tons of products such as automobiles and their parts, canned food, wood, metallurgical and steel products, and frozen fish, is being compensated by increases in other products such as fertilizers natural oils, biofuels, cereals, beans and potash, which have grown by more than 1.5 million tons in the first ten months of the year. For another month, merchandise in transit grew again, in October, with 14.6 million tons, the growth was 12.5%, placing the accumulated figure for the year at about 128 million tons, 2.4 % less than in 2019, and everything seems to indicate, two months after the end of the year, that the recovery of certain types of goods will allow the decrease in total port traffic to be around the expected 10%. By Port Authorities, 9 of the 28 have experienced increases in the month of October (Alicante +32.2%, Almería +15%, Bahía de Cádiz +19.4%, Gijón +23.4%, Pasaia +19.3 %, Tarragona +3%, Valencia +11.3%, Vigo +6% and Vilagarcía +18.4%), and two others have suffered minimal decreases (Bahía de Algeciras -0.07% and Las Palmas -1%). Note: Puertos del Estado is a state-owned organisation responsible for the management of state-owned ports. The company executes the port policy of the government and coordinates and controls the efficiency of the port system, made up of 28 port authorities that manage the 46 ports of general interest. The complete figures for state ports can be accessed here in Excel (Spanish language) Source: Puertos del Estado

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