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Strait of Messina bridge – final design approved

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Messina, Sicily, Italy (Ports Europe) February 16, 2024 –  The Board of Directors of the Società Stretto di Messina has approved the update of the definitive project to build a bridge across the Strait of Messina, linking mainland Italy with Sicily.

The project will now start the journey through a labyrinth of authorisations and environmental approvals. This would lead to the start of preparatory works including land reclamation, archaeological digs, and geotechnical investigations among others.

The project still faces many challenges, least of all funding the estimated €13.5 billion costs, a figure surely set to rise. There will also be challenges linked to the environment, transparency and the risk of corruption. Some parliamentarians are demanding an investigation into the funds and the project. Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, is an avid supporter of the project.

The bridge would span 3.3 km of the Strait and have a total length of 3.6 km. Associated projects include 40 km of rail and road connections.

You can follow developments here.

What are the advantages of the new bridge over the Strait of Messina?

Little mentioned in discussions about the proposed bridge is the local ports, particularly Messina. This port manages a lot of cargo transport, some, or a lot of which, would use rail transport across the bridge rather than ships.

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