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Tramišak Presented The Plan For The Industrial Transition Of Adriatic Croatia

Tramišak presented the plan for the industrial transition of Adriatic Croatia

The Minister of Regional Development and European Union Funds, Nataša Tramišak, presented the Plan for the Industrial Transition of Adriatic Croatia at a meeting with seven prefects of Adriatic Croatia in the County House in Zadar – November 30, 2021 “We are coming to a stage where we need to focus on creating new jobs, new values ​​and new industries. Croatia has quality resources and
opportunities to impose itself as a leader in both green and digital. I believe we will achieve a lot using European funds and make our the regions will be more competitive and will be among the more developed regions of the European Union that will attract a young workforce “, said Minister Tramišak. She emphasized that there are various opportunities in which entrepreneurs from seven counties will be able to identify themselves, create strategic partnerships, strategic value chains and jointly compete for public calls that will be announced as early as next year. The plan for the industrial transition of Adriatic Croatia has developed a strategic framework of priority sectors, and should enable better use of money from EU funds and cooperation of entrepreneurs at the regional level. Minister Tramišak noted that the regions – Pannonian Croatia, Northern Croatia and Adriatic Croatia – recognized and highlighted the priority sectors. She highlighted the importance of tourism, but also stressed how the pandemic has shown how vulnerable this branch of the economy is. “Therefore, other sectors need to be strengthened, including blue and green growth, health and health tourism, the service sector and the smart industry,” she added. Zadar County Prefect Božidar Longin praised the withdrawn funds from EU funds, with currently 3.7 billion kuna worth of active projects, and pointed out that the ten-year goal is to reach at least the average level of developed EU countries, and sees a great opportunity in a new envelope from EU funds for which it is necessary to prepare well. “The responsibility cannot be only on the government, but also on the local self-government and administration. We must admit that and behave in this way so that this plan can succeed and so that the funds can be withdrawn,” he said. Dubrovnik-Neretva County Prefect Nikola Dobroslavić said that for the first time in this planning we have plans at the regional and local level, which is an important step that should contribute to strengthening the economy and encourage entrepreneurs to take new initiatives. Source: Government of Croatia

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