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Valencia Port Authority To Tender Ideas Competition To Boost The Port Of Gandía

Valencia Port Authority to tender ideas competition to boost the Port of Gandía

Source: Valenciaport
The Port of Gandía continues to take firm steps so that its neighbors can enjoy an open, close and integrated area in the city. An area to publicize its gastronomy, culture, crafts in a port that acts as a catalyst for the economy and is a tourist showcase – July 28, 2021 This challenge set by the Advisory Committee of the port of Gandía, a body
promoted by the Valencia Port Authority and chaired by the town’s City Council, is closer and aims to enhance the sheds and the adjacent area, proposing actions and activities that are capable of invigorating the area, respecting fishing use and opening their participation to citizens. The Valencia Port Authority (APV) has published the ideas competition for citizen integration of non-commercial areas in the Port of Gandía service area for an amount of 40,000 euros. Specifically, the scope of action is concentrated in two areas, one of them between the fruit stands from 5 to 17, and the space located between its south facade and the limit of the commercial port area, and between the north facade and the cliff. . The other area includes the building and the Plaza de la Lonja, and the platform that is to the south of the church of Sant Nicolau. “The Valencia Port Authority and the Gandía City Council have always been in good agreement and this tender is the result of this joint work, also with the Port-city commission. The purpose of this contest of ideas is to energize the Port, improve the port-city connection infrastructure between Gandía and its port, and seek a friendly solution for citizens. We want to value the southern area with the fruit sheds, improving the connection with the urban part and especially with the northern area. We will be open to the projects that are presented to us and we will choose the one that is most interesting for the city and the citizens ”, explains Aurelio Martínez, president of the PAV. Objectives of the contest For zone 1 of the action, it aims, fundamentally, to value the sheds and the annexed area to the south of them by proposing actions and activities that are capable of invigorating the area and integrating it pedestrians through Juan de la Cierva street with the urban continuum that borders this area of ​​the Port. Regarding the area between the sheds and the cliff, any proposal must respect fishing use and be limited to approaches that do not affect the safety of such use or limit it and put it in value. When proposing uses for the sheds, three of them must be allocated to the Research Center currently managed by the Universitat Politècnica de València in the port and the possibility that sheds 16 and 17, or just one of them, are also destined to facilities for boarding the ferry to the Balearic Islands. Regarding zone 2 , the objectives of the contest are to promote citizen use of the Plaza de la Lonja and enable an attractive pedestrian communication between the square and zone 1. All proposals must be able to maintain compatibility between the associated activity to fishing and the public use of spaces, also having as an objective the enhancement of fishing use. For this, the proposals will be made known to the Fishermen’s Association. The main objective of the area around the church of Sant Nicolau is to design a riverside promenade that allows communication between the area of ​​the north pier with Riu street and the Plaza de la Lonja on the south pier. A perimeter communication solution should be proposed for citizen use on the south side and on the east side of the church of Sant Nicolau, including the crossing of the existing canal. The proposals that are presented for this area must improve and integrate the buildings that are in it with the environment, taking into account the BIC declaration proposal of the church of Sant Nicolau. The tender also contemplates a technical, operational and economically viable solution to connect the North Pier and the southern façade of the dock. This connection must also have a double function: the public pedestrian use of free access and the possibility of movement of motorized vehicles (in no case automobiles) used by the Port Police and PAV personnel for surveillance and control functions of the area of service. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de València (APV – Valenciaport, Port Authority of Valencia)

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