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Lebanon’s Tripoli Port Looks To Benefit From Any Syria Rebuild

Lebanon’s Tripoli port looks to benefit from any Syria rebuild

Lebanon’s Tripoli Port Looks To Benefit From Any Syria RebuildSource: Port de Tripoli

Tripoli, Lebanon (PortSEurope) August 18, 2017 – The port of Tripoli on the Lebanese Mediterranean coast is taking active steps to develop its potential with an eye to playing a role in any future redevelopment of Syria.

Eventually, it is expected that Syria will undergo a massive reconstruction at huge cost, and Tripoli wants to position itself to receive some of this investment. The World Bank suggests a reconstruction cost of $200 billion. For the first time in six years, the Damascus International Fair, a high-profile annual business event, will take place.

Tripoli has seen little expansion in recent years, but is now planning the Tripoli Special Economic Zone, to be located near the port. There are estimates that a Syrian rebuilding could generate a further demand of 30 million tons of cargo annually,

Ahmad Tamer, the port manager, estimates Syria’s reconstruction will create a demand for 30 million tons of cargo capacity annually. Syria’s ports of Latakia and Tartous can handle 10-15 million tons.

Syria’s chief ports, Tartous and Latakia, also on the Mediterranean Sea, have a combined capacity of 10 to 15 million tons, he says. He wants Tripoli port to be ready to step in for a portion of the rest.

Source: Daily Star

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