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Agencia Pública De Puertos De Andalucía  Head Attends Logistics Event In Almería Port

Agencia Pública de Puertos de Andalucía head attends logistics event in Almería port

Agencia Pública De Puertos De Andalucía  Head Attends Logistics Event In Almería Port© Autoridad Portuaria de Almería

Almería, Spain (PortSEurope) November 25, 2018 – The managing director of Agencia Pública de Puertos de Andalucía (APPA – Public Ports Agency of Andalusia), Mariela Fernández Bermejo, has joined a technical panel on the effective connectivity of ports in the framework of a meeting held in Algeciras.

The II I + D + i Forum on public policies and ports aims to serve as a meeting point for scientific debate and exchange of experiences, knowledge and ideas on port and city issues from an interdisciplinary and multisectoral perspective, as well as collaborating on a constructive dialogue between the different sectors involved, public administrations and institutions.

During her speech, the APPA managing director stressed that currently logistics is recognized as one of the main engines of economic development, where Andalusia has an enormous potential for development because of its strategic position as the only European region with both the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea coastlines, being close to Africa and located at a world crossroads of transport of goods and travelers. The Strait of Gibraltar is the second busiest sea route in the world, a point of confluence of the routes that connect Asia, Europe, America and Africa.

To this privileged geostrategic situation it is necessary to add that an important opportunity is generated for Andalusia to become a great global logistic platform, relying on both its port system, with seven ports of general interest, and a powerful network of quality logistics areas developed by the Junta de Andalucía, articulated around the port logistics nodes and the interior logistics nodes, with adequate rail-road modal interchange facilities to facilitate connections and access to the main European freight corridors, the Atlantic corridor and the Mediterranean corridor.

According to Fernández-Bermejo, “the development of the trans-European rail corridors for people and goods in Andalusia, and in particular with the Mediterranean and Atlantic corridors of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), mean a powerful instrument to promote environmental sustainability, human, social and economic development and the creation of self-employed employment”.

Therefore, she assured that the Mediterranean and Atlantic corridors are called to play an essential role in the context of trade and communication of Europe with Africa, Asia and America through the Andalusian port interface, “bringing the EU closer to the new economic reality world”.

In order to take better advantage of all this potential, creating greater productive activity, employment and territorial structure in our Community, she said that the Andalusian Government is developing the Logistics Network of Andalusia as a set of 11 platforms for the implementation of transport companies and logistics, linked to seven port nodes and four interior nodes with an expenditure of €200 million and a further €200 million more in the coming years.

The 200 companies installed so far in this network of logistics platforms provide 2,700 jobs. In these areas, which are configured as main access nodes to the Mediterranean Corridor in Andalusia, intermodality with the railroad is favored, since it is the mode of land transport with greater capacity, sustainability and potential for goods and travelers. Therefore, Fernández-bermejo concluded, “it is essential to develop the railway to fully capitalize on the investments of the Autonomous Community in logistics infrastructure”.

Source: Agencia Pública de Puertos de Andalucía

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