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Albania’s Durrës Port To Implement SUPAIR Sustainability Plan

Albania’s Durrës port to implement SUPAIR sustainability plan

Durrës, Albania (PortSEurope) January 28, 2020 – Autoriteti Portual Durres (APD – Durres Port Authority) considers protection of the environment and sustainability as an essential function of the port, and has published details of its plan As part of a SUPAIR-funded Sustainable Low Carbon Action Plan project, the port authority is working with developers and operators to adopt sustainable business approaches and encourage innovation in
design and operation. The plan focuses on three main issues and topics:Environment and surrounding areas: Air quality monitoring and CO2 emissions; waste management and recycling activities); inland port (shifting to low carbon transport modes); and energy consumption (use of renewable resources). Following discussions with port stakeholders, the proposed actions achievable in the short or long term are: A Recycling Plan for a Sustainable Port (Waste Management) through the creation of the document “A Port Waste Management” produced by the unification of their waste reception policy of port and terminal operators.Mobility plan for Durres Port staff. The goal is to create a “Staff Mobility Plan” as a contract between the company and its employees that aims to promote the use of the alternative way of green travel.Investing in Clean Energy (Renewable Energy) to increase the efficiency of energy consumption by installing the photovoltaic system, converting all vehicles and machines used for port operation into electricity and creating a power supply shore electric. By aiming for a proactive approach to simple environmental solutions, such as reducing energy consumption and careful material selection, mobility management, green space, the port and stakeholders can manage any impacts on local communities. Durrës port is Albania’s largest port and APD’s core role is port development, investing in better port infrastructure, establishing good customer relationships with port users, active business development to attract new port users, and initiatives to enhance the quality of port services. general port product. Four major operators, three private and one public, handle all port operations. SUPAIR (SUstainable Ports in the Adriatic-Ionian Region) operates on the basis that ports can act as drivers for the implementation of more efficient and greener transport policies. In particular, ports can increase sustainability by following a methodology that helps them in detecting their environmental impact and identify ways to reduce their carbon and ecological footprint. SUPAIR supports port authorities in the implementation of low-carbon and multimodal transport and mobility solutions within a macro-regional context. The transnational dimension is ensured by the partnership, which pulls together seven ports of the Adriatic-Ionian region (namely Trieste, Venice, Koper, Bar, Durrës, Thessaloniki and Piraeus) and research as well as public institutions in charge of transport. SUPAIR is establishing a network of Adriatic-Ionian, low-carbon ports committed to exchange on good practices regarding soft and hard environment-friendly solutions for a greener, safer and more efficient transport system. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2020.

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