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Cadiz Port Authority Will Put Out To Tender The Completion Of The Access Tunnel To The New Container Terminal In 2022

Cadiz Port Authority will put out to tender the completion of the access tunnel to the new container terminal in 2022

Source: Autoridad Portuaria de la Bahía de Cádiz
The Bay of Cádiz Port Authority (APBC) will put out to tender the completion of the access tunnel to the New Container Terminal in 2022 after having managed to empty it on November 1 after being flooded in May 2017, as reported today by the president of the Cádiz Bay Port Authority, Teófila Martínez, at a press conference – November 19, 2021 The highest representative
of the port agency has appeared accompanied by the director of the port, J. Agustín Romero Gago, and the head of the Department of Projects and Works, Balbino Otero, in whom she has personalized the gratitude and “admiration” for the effort made in the The last three and a half years to solve the problem that arose in this project due to the poor execution of the work, a gratitude that has been extended to the rest of the technicians and professionals involved. Teófila Martínez recalled that the road that will connect the New Container Terminal with Astilleros Avenue runs largely under the Navantia land in a “false tunnel”. It is a 1.2 kilometer long road, with 870 meters in the tunnel, whose execution was awarded in November 2014 and was rescinded due to different execution problems with the construction company in June 2017, a month after to be completely flooded. At the time the contract was terminated, the works amounted to a certification amount of 15.8 million euros, 73 percent of the award. From that moment and as explained by the president, the technicians worked hard to solve the problem that had caused the waterway, for which a multitude of studies were carried out, in which they have had the collaboration of the Study Center and Experimentation of Public Works of the Ministry of Development (CEDEX). After investigating the main problem of the waterway, the “Project of screens for drying piles at the access to the New Container Terminal and emptying of the false tunnel” was drawn up and tendered, awarded to the company Constructora San José for an amount of 1,955 € 451.66 (VAT excluded), starting the works in April 2019. The complexity of the repairs to be carried out, due to the state in which the works remained after the resolution and the proximity of the waterway to the sea, forced the incorporation of new solutions with specialized companies, which led to the processing of a modified project of the works for an additional amount of € 869,667.40. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de la Bahía de Cádiz (APBC – Port Authority of Cadiz)

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