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Cargo Movements In Mainland Portuguese Ports Grew By 44.9% In June 2021

Cargo movements in mainland Portuguese ports grew by 44.9% in June 2021

Lisbon, Portugal (PortSEurope) September 14, 2021 – The volume of cargo handled at national ports in the month of June 2021, compared to the same month in 2020, grew 44.9%, reaching a total of 7.52 million tons, accumulating, for the first semester of 2021, a total of 43.69 million tonnes, which represents an increase of 10.9% compared with the same period in 2020, corresponding to
4.3 million tons. The distribution, by port, of the volume of cargo handled in the first semester of 2021 confirms the majority share held by the Port of Sines, reaching 54.9%, higher by 5.7 percentage points (pp) more than in the same period in 2020. Leixões maintains its share of 17.3%, which gives it second position, but 5.7 pp more than in 2020, followed successively by Lisbon, which increases by 0.5 pp to 11%, Setúbal, which falls 0.3 pp to 7.8%, Aveiro, which increases 0.5 pp to 6.5% (also the highest year-on-year rate ever), Figueira da Foz, down 0.5 pp to 2%, Viana do Castelo and Faro, with respective shares of 0.4% and 0.1%. The container market handled in the first half of 2021 a total of 1.54 million TEU, with a year-on-year growth of 227.5 thousand TEU (+17.4%). This performance is the result of the positive behaviour of all ports of the continent, of note is the growth of the ports of Sines and Lisbon, which registered growth of 166,300 TEU (+22,5%) and 45,500 TEU (+34,4%) respectively. In this market Sines attained the absolute majority share of 58.9%. In the transhipment segment, whose TEU volume represents 43.9% of the total, Sines is responsible for around 95% of that total. In operations involving hinterland traffic, leadership is held by Leixões, whose movement represents 37.4% of the total, followed by Sines, with 30.6%, Lisbon, with 20.2% and Setúbal, with 10.6%. The Continent Port Ecosystem registered 4,747 port calls of ships in the first half. This corresponds to gross registered tonnage of 79.37 million, translating respectively, in comparison with the same period of 2020, an increase of 84 port calls (+1.8%) and a decrease of 4.90 million in gross tonnage (-5.8%). The largest share of the number of port calls is held by the port of Leixões, with 25.5% of the of the total, followed by Sines with 20.8%, Setúbal with 18.2%, Lisbon with 16.7%, Aveiro with 11.4%, Figueira da Foz with 4.4%, and Viana do Castelo with 2.7%. In terms of gross tonnage, Sines has the absolute majority share of 53.1%, followed by Leixões with 16.6%, Setúbal with 14.4%, Lisbon with 10.7%, Aveiro with 3.8%, Figueira da Foz with 0.9% and Viana do Castelo with 0.5%. For the global positive performance verified in the 1st semester of 2021 contributed more intensely to the cargo shipment operations, which represented 43% of the total tonnage and registered an increase of 2.41 million tonnes (+14.7%), while unloading operations handled an additional 1.89 million tonnes (+8.2%). The behaviour of these two cargo flows naturally reflects the volume of transactions carried out in the context of the international trade of goods. It should be noted that the growth in traffic, both in exports and imports, resulted from the increase in the interactions with countries outside the European Union. In the connections with these countries there was an increase of 12.8% and 6.1%, respectively, in exports and imports, respectively. With regard to the Internal Market, these increases were 10.5% and 5.5%, respectively. However, in terms of tonnage transported, the operations with countries of the European Union represented a sharein both flows of goods, 64.7% in exports and 50.6% in imports. The markets that had the greatest influence on the global behaviour of the were those of Oil Products and Containerised Cargo from Sines, with respective variations of more 1.28 million tons (+45.6%) and of 954.2thousand tons (+18.7%), which represented 65.8% of the total variations positive variations. In the third and fourth positions, in terms of volume of increases the Containerised Cargo and Other Solid Bulk markets came in third and fourth positions, in terms of the volume of increases verified. Lisbon, which show respective increases of 369.6 (43.8%) and 179.2 (46.7%), thousands of tons.With negative behaviours, and hindering the favourable evolution of the segment of The market of Petroleum Products at Leixões with a greater impact, registering a Leixões, which registers a fall of 395.2 thousand tons (-54.9%), followed by Sines Coal followed by the Coal from Sines (practically without activity, but still comparing the 1st semester of 2020 where it embarked 132,5 thousand tons) and Other Solid Bulk from Setúbal, with respective negative variations of 120 (-90.6%) and 9.3 (-19.9%), thousand tonnes. Source: AMT – Autoridade da Mobilidade e dos Transportes Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

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