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Cargo Turnover Of NCSP Was 58.4 Million Tons (-6.9%) In Q2 2021

Cargo turnover of NCSP was 58.4 million tons (-6.9%) in Q2 2021

Source: PortSEurope
Novorossiysk – NCSP has reported consolidated cargo turnover of 58.4 million tons for January-June 2021, down -6.9% compared to the same period of 2020 – August 16, 2021 Liquid cargo Transshipment of liquid cargo decreased by 4.7 million tons (-9.2%), to 46.2 million tons. The largest decrease in the segment of liquid cargo for crude oil – by -4.4 million tons (-13.9%) to 27.2 million
tons. At the same time, in June 2021, the volume of oil transshipments through the berths of PJSC NCSP increased to 2.5 million tons compared to 1.8 million tons in May 2021. Dry cargo Transshipment of dry cargo increased by 3.4% to 12.2 million tons. The main growth drivers were raw sugar, chemical cargo, ferrous metals and cast iron, as well as containers: Freight turnover of raw sugar increased 87 times compared to last year and amounted to 0.4 million tons, which is associated with an increase in demand from the Asian CIS countries for the supply of imported raw sugar for processing.The volume of transshipment of chemical cargo increased by 47.1%, to 0.6 million tons, due to an increase in the export of non-hazardous fertilizers.An increase in the transshipment of ferrous metals and pig iron by 2.9%, to 5.3 million tons, against the background of record prices on world markets.Turnover of containers increased by 10.7%, to 2.5 million tons, mainly due to an increase in transshipment through the terminal of OOO BSK. NCSP Group cargo turnover for 6 months 2021/2020 (thousand tons) Jan-JulJan-JulDifferenceDifference20212020‘000 tons%Freight turnover, total58,430,08562,729.297-4 299.211-6.85%Liquid cargo, total46 186.27250,890.008-4,703.736-9.24%Raw oil27,246.77231,628,433-4 381.661-13.85%Petroleum products18 402.37818,643,196-240.817-1.29%CAS322,225345,814-23.588-6.82%Oils214,897272,565-57.669-21.16%Bulk cargo, total3 624.2423,582.33341,9091.17%Iron ore raw materials1 910.8992 506.397-595.498-23.76%Other ore cargo21,04838,898-17.850-45.89%Chemical cargo625,557425,220200,33747.11%Coal665,328607,22858,1009.57%Sugar401,4094.590396,8198645.01%General cargo, total5,982,2125823.844158,3682.72%Ferrous metals and cast iron5,293.8605 144,798149,0612.90%Timber cargo52,69762,997-10.300-16.35%Timber cargo (thousand cubic meters)93,476114,540-21.065-18.39%Non-ferrous metals476,601513,795-37.194-7.24%Perishable goods159,054102,25456,80055.55%Containers2,482.4812,243.363239,11810.66%Containers2,482.4812,243.363239,11810.66%Containers (thousand TEU)273,790240,37833,41213.90%Other154,878189,748-34,870-18.38% The PJSC NCSP Group of Companies is the largest Russian port operator in terms of cargo turnover. The controlling shareholder of PJSC NCSP (62%) is PJSC Transneft.

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