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China and Singapore interested in Turkey port investment

Istanbul, Turkey (PortSEurope) June 3, 2019 – Delegations from Singapore and China have become frequent visitors to the Black Sea province of Ordu in northern Turkey, with an interest in investing in Ordu.

A Chinese delegation including Yubao Chen, vice president of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Turkey, the largest investment bank in the world, visited Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Hilmi Güler.

Yubao Chen emphasized that ICBC has obtained good results from their activities in Turkey, adding that Ordu has great investment opportunities. The bank has been following 12 financing projects, including wind power plants, ports and shopping malls, and a number of visits from energy, port and construction companies have been scheduled.

During a visit, Singapore’s Ambassador to Ankara Jonathan Tow and Embassy Chief Clark Jacob Anthony Chew said that they wanted to invest in ports. Tow said that they wanted to include Ordu in their investments in Turkey. “In this context, we are ready to do whatever falls to us. We also want to cooperate in the field of information technology. As the Republic of Singapore, we care about the development of airports and investments, and especially ports. While doing this, we want to show special attention to Ordu”, Tow said.

Indicating that foreign investors have initiated negotiations to invest in Ordu, Güler announced that the Chinese ambassador to Turkey and the managers of 15 companies operating in China would arrive in Ordu on June 20.

Güler said: “Prior to the big meeting with Chinese businessmen on June 20, we will have a preliminary meeting with Mr. Chen on energy and ports. The work we will conduct in Ordu will serve as an example for Turkey. We may have the opportunity to extend our work to other provinces as well. Therefore, our meeting will be one of the important steps of work not only in Ordu, but also in the entire country.”

Highlighting that Singapore operates Mersin International Port, the largest foreign trade port in Turkey, he said that Mersin is located on Turkey’s southern coast and Ordu on the northern coast. Indicating that export and tourism flow will be ensured between Ordu and Mersin with a container port to be built in Ordu, Güler said that the Black Sea-Mediterranean line is the most important route on the Ordu-Mersin line.

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