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Contship Sustainability Report 2019 Is Now Available

Contship Sustainability Report 2019 is now available

Contship Italia Group is pleased to announce the publication of the new Sustainability Report, which reports the Group’s performance in the area of ​​economic, environmental and social sustainability for the year 2019 – September 11, 2020 The report is available, exclusively in digital format, at this link: Contship Sustainability Report 2019. As for past editions, the reference standards used are those of the Global Reporting Initiative (application level
“CORE”) and follow the fundamental principles of balance, comparability, accuracy, clarity, timeliness and reliability. The document is divided into three main parts. The “Who we are” chapter provides an overview of the Group through the description of governance and activities and the chapter “Sustainability for Contship” shows the stakeholder map and the materiality matrix which introduce the sustainability focuses in which Contship steer their own efforts. The last part is dedicated to the Group performance in relation to economic, environmental and social aspects. Finally, the appendix shows the correlation table between the report contents and the GRI Standards performance indicators. With this third edition, Contship Italia Group reaffirms its commitment to invest in an increasingly sustainable offer model from an environmental, economic and social point of view. In fact, the Group’s contribution to sustainable development aims to create value throughout the supply chain, responding to market demands, but without neglecting the impact of its activities on the environment and society. Sustainability for Contship means process efficiency, investments aimed at innovation, attention to resources, not only economic ones, but also environmental and human ones. The letter to stakeholders, signed by the Group President, Cecilia Eckelmann-Battistello, states: “The Contship group carries a vision that sees ports and intermodal transport as strategic axes for the economic development of the countries in which the Group invests. A lever for the creation of shared value with all stakeholders with a view to long-term investments that can support a gradual transition from a linear economic model to a model that is as circular as possible.” Source: Contship

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