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Failed Project Costs Santander Port €4.6 Million

Failed project costs Santander port €4.6 million

Failed Project Costs Santander Port €4.6 Million

Santander, Spain (PortSEurope) June 27, 2019 – Santander port authority has already invested €4.59 million ($5.2 million) for a project considered strategic but faces court litigations.

That is the amount already spent on the work of the failed Wharf 9, as recorded in the official accounts of the institution recently approved by its board.

The problem is that the project was halted more than a year ago and its completion still seems far away given the discrepancies with the contractor, the construction company FCC.

The port informed the construction company that an agreement could not be reached so that the contract valued at €17.2 million was going to be terminated.

The way to close the chapter will be the civil jurisdiction and the judges will put the conditions of the breakdown black on white. Once with a sentence in hand, the idea is to resume the work bidding for a new contract.

Source: El Diario Montañés

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