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Fruit, Food And Auto Parts, The Most Outstanding Goods In The Port Of Vigo Until February

Fruit, food and auto parts, the most outstanding goods in the Port of Vigo until February

Source: PortSEurope
The president of the Port Authority of Vigo, Jesús Vázquez Almuíña, this morning informed the Board of Directors of the institution, meeting in ordinary session, of the traffic data registered both in the month of February and in the accumulated of the year – March 26, 2021 As highlighted in the press conference after the Council, fresh fish has performed well in February, with growth,
both in volume discharged and in product sales value (+ 2.91% and + 2%, respectively). Similarly, by facilities, in February there was an increase in the volume of downloads at the Lonja, + 5.5% compared to volume and + 5.9% compared to business volume, which is linked to the standardization of unloading from British flag vessels. Likewise, and according to the official statistics of Puertos del Estado, Vigo continues to maintain the leadership at the national level in this traffic, moving a total of 4,552 tons in the accumulated since January, ahead of Pasajes (3,422 tons.) And A Coruña (2,770 tons.), 2nd and 3rd in the ranking, respectively. Regarding general merchandise traffic during the month of February, containerized ro-ro has experienced an increase of + 2.88%. Regarding the accumulated annual, the result is positive, with a slight increase of + 0.43%, highlighting the good result that containerized traffic still maintains, with an increase of + 5.56%. If we focus on accumulated containerized general merchandise, positive figures remain both in TEU`s and in tons moved, with a better result of ro-ro traffic than lo-lo and, as has been observed throughout the pandemic, the growth in shipments, which is a sign of increased national exports. By country, France (almost entirely ro-ro), China, the USA and Brazil are the main commercial partners of the Port of Vigo. In annual ro-ro vehicle traffic (measured in units), Belgium is consolidated as a platform for vehicle traffic destined for central Europe, and the United Kingdom presents a positive and highly significant balance as it is already a non-EU country. In the same way, Turkey also returns to important traffics. Likewise, Vigo repeats, once again, in the first drawer of the podium in the movement of passenger cars, buses and trucks in merchandise regime – it moved a total of 53,653 vehicles in the Bouzas Terminal in February -, surpassing terminals such as Valencia – something in less than 47,000 units- and Barcelona -something more than 48,500 vehicles-, 2nd and 3rd in the ranking, respectively, according to the official statistics of Puertos del Estado Regarding accumulated merchandise traffic, the balance is still positive, reaching 678,798 tons, with an increase of + 0.89%. Vázquez Almuíña described the result as “good”, since “we are still comparing data from a current pandemic situation with a period of the previous year in which this phenomenon had not yet manifested itself.” As indicated, the accumulated growth was 6,004 tons, highlighting the good performance of the fruit, with an increase of + 97.99%, of food, with + 60.08%, and of auto parts, with + 29.33%. The fastest growing traffic According to the head of the port, the fruit remains the fastest growing traffic in recent months. Brazil, Costa Rica and Colombia are the main countries of origin and bananas, pineapples and melons are the main commodities. Likewise, food has also had an excellent performance. It is an exclusive export merchandise, with China (with 51% of the traffic) being the main trading partner. Among the goods that make up this group, meat and dairy products stand out, which have their main destination in countries of the Middle East, China and Libya. Lastly, the auto parts. This merchandise shows significant growth compared to the same period of the previous year. Most of the movements originate in France (80% of the total). Regarding the bulk traffic registered during the month of February, solid bulks increased significantly. Regarding accumulated traffic, the balance is positive, with growth in all types; in liquids thanks to caustic soda, and in solids, because cement continues to maintain very positive traffic levels. With regard to frozen fish, we find a great growth in imports from Argentina and also merchandise from the Netherlands, while, in accumulated traffic, Namibia, Argentina and Peru are the countries with the highest traffic, also highlighting the increase considerable amount of imports from Panama. Regarding the economic balance, Vázquez Almuíña indicated that the Results after Taxes have been positive and amount to 64,000 euros. Other matters of interest In another order of things, the Board of Directors approved to carry out a new commercialization of the remaining urbanized lands in the PLISAN Business Logistics area, for which an update of their appraisal will be commissioned, due to the current economic and competition. Likewise, the Council put on the table the need to optimize the surface area of ​​the Bouzas Ro-Ro Terminal, which, on many occasions, is occupied with long-stay vehicles, which has advised submitting the new space recovered – around 65,000 m 2 – to different regulatory conditions of the tariff regime applied to the surface of the rest of the Terminal, so that it helps operators to manage their traffic, maximizing the rotation of merchandise. This new area of ​​65,000 m 2 will be distributed in 9 plots of 7,000 m 2 , with an average capacity of 519 vehicles each. Likewise, these parcels will be made available to operators for a minimum period of 10 days. On the other hand, the Board of Directors approved the document of the Information Security Policy of the Vigo Port Authority, which seeks to guarantee the quality of the information and the continued provision of services, acting preventively, supervising daily activity, and reacting promptly to incidents. Finally, Vázquez Almuíña referred to the works certified in the month of January, for an approximate value of € 1.4 million, and among which he highlighted the refurbishment works of the Las Avenidas promenade, of the Bouzas Ferry Terminal and PLISAN, where the Vigo Port Authority is the majority partner. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Vigo (APV – Port Authority of Vigo)

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