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Green Light For The 2020 Business Plan Of The Port Authority Of Valencia

Green light for the 2020 Business Plan of the Port Authority of Valencia

Green Light For The 2020 Business Plan Of The Port Authority Of ValenciaSource: Puertos del Estado

The document has been agreed with Puertos del Estado and contemplates the most important strategic investment, personnel and sustainability decisions for next year – October 18, 2019

The president of Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia (APV – Valenciaport, Port Authority of Valencia), Aurelio Martínez has presented to the president of Puertos del Estado, Salvador de la Encina, the Business Plan that will guide the main decisions during 2020 in terms of investment and budget execution of the port areas of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia. The document prepared by APV is a consensus text that has obtained the green light for its execution, according to the provisions contemplated therein.

This morning’s meeting is part of the series of meetings that Puertos del Estado holds with the different heads of the 28 Spanish Port Authorities that make up the system of ports of general interest in Spain.

The APV Business Plan has been prepared with the most demanding technical criteria to guarantee the execution of environmental, eco-efficiency, sustainability and economic viability programs, in order to amplify the economic and social impacts of the port activity in the areas of influence of the Valencian port facilities.

The Business Plans are part, with the Strategic Plans and the Infrastructure Master Plans, of the strategic framework of technical, economic, financial and human resources development of the Spanish port system as a whole; and are prepared in accordance with the strategic bases of the Government’s economic and transport policy.

Business Plans are documents of an annual accrual. These are documents that incorporate a study of the situation on which the economic activity of each port is developed, the estimates of port traffic for the year in question, the financial projections of the port authorities that prepare them, the human resources policy , the financial and budgetary planning of the public and private investments that will be carried out in each port, the sustainability policies and the planned rate bonuses of each port agency.

On the part of Valenciaport, the meeting held this morning in Puertos del Estado has attended, in addition to the president of APV, Aurelio Martínez, the General Director, Francesc Sánchez, and the Chief of Planning and Control, Juan Manuel Díez.

After the consensus reached at today’s meeting, the APV Business Plan must be ratified by the Governing Council of State Ports and by the Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Valencia.

Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia

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