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In 2017 Ukrainian Seaports Processed Almost 133 Million Tons Of Cargo

In 2017 Ukrainian seaports processed almost 133 million tons of cargo

In 2017 Ukrainian Seaports Processed Almost 133 Million Tons Of CargoSource: Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority

Odessa, Ukraine (PortSEurope) January 6, 2018 – From January to December 2017, Ukraine’s seaports processed 132.9 million tons of cargo, which is 0.9% more than in 2016.

The volume of transshipment of imported cargoes in 2017 increased by 29.1% compared with 2016 to 20.6 million tons; exports decreased by 1.4% at 98.8 million tons.

In the structure of imports, the largest increase – 6 times – was in chemical and mineral fertilizers – from 20,700 tons in 2016 to 123,600 thousand tons in 2017. Also, the high growth of cargo turnover shows coal, the volume of which transshipment increased by 64.2% to 6.1 million tons.

In the transshipment of export cargoes a significant share falls on grain – almost 38 million tons, and the production of metallurgy – 33 million tons. At the same time, exports of vegetable oils increased to 5.2 million tons (an increase of 19.5%).

The volume of transit cargo handling increased by 14% to 11.778 million tons, and the total volume of container handling increased to almost 602,000 TEU.

Most of the cargo was processed by Yuzhny port – 41.889 million tons, increasing transshipment by 6.6%. Odessa port was 24.12 million tons, Nikolaev 23.53 million tons, and Chernomorsk 17.63 million tons.

Thus, in 2017, Ukrainian seaports processed 1.2 million tons of cargo more than in 2016.

With a full review of the cargo turnover for 2017 in the context of the nomenclature of goods and ports can be found at the link.

Source: USPA

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