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La Spezia Port Set For Waterfront Development

La Spezia port set for waterfront development

La Spezia Port Set For Waterfront Development

La Spezia, Italy (PortSEurope) June 19, 2018 – The President of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti, The Mayor of La Spezia, Pierluigi Peracchini, the President of Autorita’di Sistema Portuale del Mar Ligure Orientale (AdSP – Eastern Ligurian Sea Port Authority) Carla Roncallo, the General Director of the State Property Agency Roberto Reggi and Mauro Coletta, General Manager of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transports, have signed the memorandum of understanding for the construction of the new waterfront of La Spezia on the terrace of the Castello San Giorgio. The cornerstone of the change project has been laid out that will completely redesign the urban structure of the sea front.

All the signatory bodies, for their respective competences, have agreed to launch proceedings to conclude a significant portion of the area, until now territorially in charge of the AdSP, as areas of the maritime domain, will be transferred to the city of La Spezia.

The waterfront reorganisation provision represents an opportunity to outline the overall strategy aimed at developing the relationship between La Spezia and the sea. A bond destined to strengthen, thanks to which the city is preparing to carve out a new role through the strategic revision of its original vocation: from a port to a metropolis of water, able to attract different activities that enhance and strengthen the local economy.

“We kick off a work that will change the face of this city and start it on the path of development that with the mayor Peracchini we promised the electors and we are giving body”, comments president of Liguria Region Giovanni Toti. “Today the first stone is laid, the first signature, on the city’s waterfront: a project that will transform La Spezia into a cruise hub of primary importance in the Mediterranean, which will allow the creation of a whole range of services for citizens and tourists, to create jobs for the city.
In addition to this, it will make La Spezia the third home port in our Region, after Genoa for MSC and Savona for Costa Cruises: La Spezia will have both companies, as well as Royal Caribbean. It is a moment, epoch-making, historical”.


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